Meet the Contestant of Miss Universe Costa Rica 2024

29 May 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

The anticipation for the Miss Universe Costa Rica 2024 pageant is reaching its peak as the top 20 contestants have been unveiled, promising an evening of elegance, grace, and fierce competition, this prestigious event will showcase the beauty, intelligence, and poise of some of Costa Rica's finest young women.

With the venue adorned in splendor and excitement, spectators will witness the culmination of months of preparation and dedication as these contestants vie for the coveted title of Miss Universe Costa Rica. From captivating evening gowns to engaging interviews, each segment will highlight the charisma and charm of these remarkable individuals.

Alexa Gonzala

Elena Hidalgo

Kelly Avila

Maria Jose Porras



Ma. Alejandra Acosta

Elizabeth Arrieta

Rebeca Mata

Josselyn Sandoval

Nicole Carboni

Dylanna Mora

Karol Briceno

Jennifer Miranda

Yendri Espinzoa

Emily Cascante

Daniela Navarro



Pamela Cascante

Chonta Mullins

Carlina Bonilla

Angelina Santarossa

Francini HernandezAmong the top 20 contestants are a diverse array of talents and backgrounds, representing the richness and diversity of Costa Rica. From aspiring models to philanthropists, each contestant brings her own unique story and aspirations to the stage, captivating audiences with their grace and confidence.

As the countdown to the crowning moment begins, all eyes are on these exceptional women, eager to see who will emerge victorious and represent Costa Rica on the global stage of Miss Universe.

Stay tuned for an unforgettable evening of beauty, glamour, and inspiration.