Miss Norway 2018 semi-finalist list out

24 Jan 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Norway is inching closer to crowning the nest titleholder every day. Recently, the list of the semifinalists for the beauty pageant came out. There has been a massive cut down this year, from 150 contestants to 11 semifinalists.

Unlike International competitions that last for four or five weeks, Miss Norway is a yearlong process, with the usual activities in the competition including blogging, photo, press, charity and sponsorship assignments.

Around 150 are registered this year's Miss Norway. Now 11 semifinalists go further after the competition started in August last year. The new this year is that every athlete had to go through catwalk courses and interview with more judges. This is also the school of primary school and (Photo: Per-Martin Grambo)

The judges have conducted interviews with each of the contestants on the catwalk course to find out if they understand what is required when moving on to the semifinals and the possible final in Miss Norway. It's about practitioners having an understanding of how much effort they can make. It also depends on providing answers to questions and submissions within deadlines and avoids violations of unwanted images and posts in social media. That way, each semifinalist is more prepared for what it takes to represent Norway in the world's leading beauty contests such as Miss World and Miss Universe.


Miss Norway 2018 semi-finalist list out


Semifinalists in Miss Norway 2018:

Imen Myren Habes

Madelen Michelsen

Helene Abildsnes

Susanne Næss Guttorm

Ina Kollet

Kristine Eiden

Rebecca Bjørk

Reeah Mode

Nadia Helena Shabbir Gustavsen

Sandra Afriyie Tito

Marte Fredriksen

Each semifinalist will now be on the move with all the activities in the competition, and they will make presentation video by itself with the submission on March 18th. There will be more activities led by former year's top performers and winners. There will be a review of how to make good presentation video and what is happening in international competitions. This is an effort that will be crucial for the final launch on March 25 this year. In April - July there will also be SMS tuning for the audience. And beauty camp in June-July, with the final in late July or early August.