Meet the Contestants of Miss Nepal 2024

07 Jun 2024 | Camilla Saurez

The stage is set, and the excitement is palpable as the Miss Nepal 2024 pageant unveils its 26 extraordinary contestants. This year promises to be a spectacular showcase of beauty, intelligence, and grace, with each contestant bringing her unique charm and aspirations to the fore.

The contestants, hailing from diverse regions of Nepal, embody the rich cultural tapestry and vibrant spirit of the nation. These young women are not just competing for the coveted crown but also for the opportunity to become ambassadors of change and empowerment. With a rigorous selection process that emphasizes intellect, poise, and social consciousness, this year’s batch is poised to redefine the standards of excellence.



Here are the 26 Contestants Participating in Miss Nepal 2024 are :

Aanchal Khatri

Ambika Rana

Anisha Malla

Anjana Pun

Ashma Kumari KC

Dikshya Awasthi

Drishti Thapa



Eva Giri

Irina Shrestha

Karuna Rawat

Kimti Shrestha

Lalita Sherbuja

Nivita Chapagain

Prashuna Bhusal

Preravita Swar

Puja Baral

Radhika Thapa

Roshni Dahal

Saamin Koirala



Samikshya Niraula

Saira Khadka

Shraddha Suman Silwal

Simrika Manandhar

Subekshya Karki

Sumana KC

Urja Newa

Each contestant brings a compelling story and a vision for a brighter future, reflecting the evolving role of women in contemporary Nepal.

As the journey to the crown intensifies, these 26 remarkable women will undergo intensive training, mentorship, and a series of challenges designed to test their mettle. The grand finale promises to be a night of glittering elegance and inspiring narratives, celebrating not just beauty but the indomitable spirit of Nepali women.

Stay tuned as Miss Nepal 2024 unfolds, heralding a new era of brilliance and empowerment.