Meet the Contestants of Miss Universe Iceland 2024

22 May 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

The Miss Universe Iceland 2024 competition is in full swing, showcasing a vibrant and diverse group of contestants eager to claim the crown. These remarkable women, hailing from different regions of Iceland, exemplify not only beauty but also the rich spirit and culture of their communities. Let’s get acquainted with the contenders:

Valeriga Rjabchuk

Kolfinna Mist

Sigru´n May Sigurjo´nsdo´ttir

Dísa Dungal

Stella Kristja´nsdo´ttir

Þórdís Ásta Ingvarsdóttir

Kristi´n Anna



Harpa Rós Jónsdóttir

Emilia Bóra

Sasini Inga

Kolfinna Kristinsdo´ttir



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Alsatisha Amon

Alice Alexandra Flores

So´ldi´s Vala


Alexandra Ru´n Landmark

Erika Li´f

Hera Bjo¨rk

Kolbrun maria

Matthildur emma

Guðrún Sigurbjörnsdóttir

Halldóra Hlíf Þorvaldsdóttir

Kolbru´n Bjarkey



These are just a few of the extraordinary women competing for the title of Miss Universe Iceland 2024. Each contestant brings her unique blend of talent, intelligence, and charisma to the table, promising an unforgettable showcase of Icelandic beauty and resilience. As the anticipation builds and the competition heats up, one thing is certain: Iceland's next ambassador is ready to shine on the global stage.

It's not just about glitz and glamour. The Miss Universe Iceland 2024 competition is a celebration of empowerment, social responsibility, and personal growth. These women are not just competing for a crown, they're competing to inspire others and make a difference in the world.

So, buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as these extraordinary women captivate audiences and steal hearts. The Miss Universe Iceland 2024 competition is not just a pageant, it's a celebration of talent, ambition, and the indomitable spirit of Iceland.