Meet Melina Gomes Miss Roraima 2015 for Miss Brazil 2015

13 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Meet Melina Gomes Miss Roraima 2015 for Miss Brazil 2015


Melina Gomes, 23, was elected Miss Roraima 2015 on 30th July 2015. She represented Boa Vista in the Miss Roraima 2015. Besides the beauty, one must have sympathy excel in beauty pageants. That is what the dental surgeon Melina Gomes showed at the official contest Miss Roraima 2015 and with poise and determination was chosen to represent Roraima on the national stage of Miss Brazil 2015.

She competed against five other candidates. To choose the most beautiful young girl to represent the state, the competition was divided into three stages: a bikini fashion show, dress and an interview. During the evening ceremony, the candidates paraded with full costume and answered questions about Roraima.

Melina said she was very happy with the title of Miss Roraima 2015 and said she was optimistic to represent the state in Miss Brazil 2015."I am very happy. I started my preparation a long time back and the coronation comes as a bonus with all my effort. The emotion I'm feeling right now is indescribable. Also, I'm very optimistic for the Miss Brazil, will have three months to end my preparation."