Melissa Gurgel, Miss Universe Brazil 2014, from the house of Fashion!

16 Jan 2015 | Angelopedia

Ceará, my home state, is the birthplace of “renascence” lacework and bobbin-lace. There are several projects combining haute couture and traditional sewing styles with the aim of bringing together traditional textiles and materials of Ceará to the fashion world.” says… Melissa Gurgel, who believes Fashion is untaught to her and that, she dons fashion, as Ceará, her hometown, is the heart of all fashion innovations.


Miss Universe Brazil 2014, Melissa Gurgel


Melissa Gurgel, Miss Universe Brazil 2014, is a 20 year old positive, outgoing and persistent young woman. Born on June 3, 1994 in Fortaleza, Melissa is a Brazilian model and holds great records as a beauty pageant titleholder. With a childlike smile, Melissa stands tall at an average height of 5’5”. Her cheekbones are her unmatched features. With a killer combination of "mona lisa" smile and high cheekbones, she dons an appearance that makes her stand out amidst the crowd. Melissa Gurgel, is an amalgamation of high intelligence, eloquence, wit and charm, served in one woman.


During her childhood, Melissa loved to act as a model, pretending to walk fashion shows and posing for photographs. She used to wear her mother's dresses and shoes, to pretend as a grown up. Melissa had always been very close to her family, especially to her brothers, who played an essential role in encouraging her into the beauty pageant and fashion world. Today, she believes, she is strong enough a person to chase her dreams and aspirations.


Melissa shared some exciting facts about her personal life. She always does a handstand before she starts her workout, to warm up her body. Melissa has an obsession of checking and re checking things. For Instance, whenever she leaves the kitchen, she always double checks, if the refrigerator door is fully closed. Melissa loves to play pranks on her friends and likes to scare her friends when they are distracted.


Miss Universe Brazil 2014, Melissa Gurgel