Pamela Barrera Medel crowned Mexicana Universal Aguascalientes 2019 for Mexicana Universal 2020

20 Oct 2019 | Angelique Reyes

Pamela Barrera Medel was crowned as Mexicana Universal Aguascalientes 2019 on 19th October 2019 as she will be representing Aguascalientes at Mexicana Universal 2020 competition where Sofía Aragón will crown her successor at the end of the event who will compete in Miss Universe 2020.

Sandra Pamela Barrera Medel from Aguascalientes is 23 years old and stands 175 cm tall. She is in the seventh semester of Psychopedagogical Counselling and aspires to earn master’s as well as doctorate in the same.

Pamela Barrera Medel is not new to the pageantry as she has previously participated in Queen of the National Fair of San Marcos which she won. The 23-year-old diva had always dreamt of herself as a whole princess with the bright dresses and crystal shoes which states that she has always been dedicated towards being a supermodel.  She is experienced, confident and extremely determined towards her goal of winning. She can be a tough competition for the other contestants during the event.



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Pamela explains that the most important thing for a model is to not lose the idea or the focus of what the end goal is. Being queen is no longer an easy task, participants must be more prepared, have graduated from a career, have knowledge of general culture, have been born in Aguascalientes, have a minimum stature and the necessary documents, in addition to having charisma and attitude to be an ambassador.

Having studied Psychopedagogy, Pamela knows the importance of helping people and surrendering for the simple act of serving others, it is a commitment that she has understood as it is instilled in her family and that is why, in future, she would like to dedicate her support to the missions with the firm purposes of helping people.



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For the young women out there, Pamela just wants to encourage them for believing and working hard towards their respective dreams because only with discipline one can achieve that. She states, “As there are moments of glory, there is also sacrifice, but rest assured that every effort brings its reward”.