Ivonne Barocio is Mexicana Universal Colima 2019 for Mexicana Universal 2020

30 Nov 2019 | Angelique Reyes

Ivonne Barocio was announced Mexicana Universal Colima 2019 on 29th November 2019 through a press release directly designated by national organization chaired by Ms. Lupita Jones. The coronation ceremony was held at the Alegra Convention Center where different presentations were held.

Ivonne Barocio is originally from the municipality of Villa de Álvarez; the 21-year-old diva stands 173cm tall and is fluent in Spanish, English and French. She is a student of Medicine at the University of Colima and is a collaborator in Scientific Research by the University of Nuevo León in Biomedical area. The model is a black ribbon, the first Dan in State elected Karate and practices tennis, yoga and healthy lifestyle.



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The 21 year old diva is a survivor of diagnostic premature during birth and first years of her life so, she started to promote her program, “If I Could, You Can Too”, where she helps the parents get professional help for the children who suffer or live a recent diagnosis of a disease. She wants parents and the children to find the best treatment possible.  

She is an activist for various social groups for girls and adolescents including, ‘’Encounters, Decisions and Convictions’’. She has acted as a spokesperson for social deficiencies such as lack of education and public health as a constitutional right in the most vulnerable sectors. She works for the safety of the women especially Mexican women.



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The diva who is a strong social activist believes that one should not be the copy of anyone and try to be true to oneself. She wants to spread out her message that ‘’it is important to believe firmly in what we are and accept as you are with firmness of knowing that the world needs more authentic people and less labels.’’

Ivonne’s natural beauty and a charismatic personality that clearly states her passion to win the title for her province. Her skills including being a very influential spokesperson can help her win over the judges during the event. Her confidence and smile just adds up to the list.



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Ivonne will be representing Colima at the Mexicana Universal 2020 competition where Sofía Aragón will crown her successor at the end of the event as the winner will compete in Miss Universe 2020.