Mia Blakeman Gómez withdraws participation from Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021

20 Jan 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Mia Blakeman Gomez, who was one of the most loved contestants at Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021, has withdrawn her participation from the competition in an unfortunate turn of events. The competition was postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic and has no start date yet.

Mia took to her official social media to make the official statement of her withdrawal as she wrote, These past months have been full of difficult moments, challenges and much reflection. The current pandemic that is hitting the world has brought uncertainty in all areas, which has led us to make changes in many of our plans. New paths are presented to us and I am a faithful believer that God has a perfect plan for everyone.”



“Hereby I want to share with you a difficult decision that I have analyzed very carefully. Today I put one of my big dreams on hold. The illusion of representing my beloved island is an honor which I carry in my heart. Wherever I am and in everything I do, that will be my purpose. At this time I am not going to compete in the next edition of MUPR. I will continue to develop for this purpose as new doors open with the same purpose”, she added.

She also said that she does everything with passion and promised her followers she will not let them down. The 2021 edition of Miss Universe Puerto Rico will be held soon as the winner will succeed Estefania Soto Torres Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 and will represent her country at Miss Universe 2021.