Miss International calling for Serene Lim?

20 Jan 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Miss International’s advocacy to achieve a world where women can live with positivity, inner strength, and individuality has been fulfilled by many divas across the world through the pageant itself.

While Malaysia is yet to win the crown, the delegates have surely made a name for themselves at Miss International. One of the divas that has caught our attention for representing Malaysia at Miss International in the future is Serene Lim. Serene is 25-years-old and has earned her degree in Bachelor of Food and Nutrition from Malaysia Taylor's University; works as an actress and a model. She is of Malaysian- Chinese descent.



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The beautiful diva is not new to the world of beauty pageant as she participated in Astro Miss Chinese International Campaign 2016 and was successfully selected as the Goddess of All People, and won the championship and the title of Miss Photogenic. In 2017, she participated in Miss Chinese International where she represented Malaysia and was adjudged as the first runner-up.  She later went to Hong Kong to develop and opted to join TVB landing roles in three Cantonese drama series – Girlie Days, Al Cappuccino, and the upcoming Line Walker 3, featuring Raymond Lam.

Serene returned to Malaysia after her contract with TVB ended and is now seeking to grow her career in Malaysia which is one of the reasons why she seems like a potential candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss International. She explained, “It was a good self-exploration journey, I’ve learnt to become more independent and appreciative of the support from my family, close friends and my fans. Even when I thought I wasn’t good enough, they showed me the love and support that I needed at that moment,”

Recalling about her time when she won Miss Astro Chinese International 2016, she mentioned, “Well, how time flies! I didn’t even realise that it has been that long until you mentioned it. Over the years, I have learnt to understand myself better, but there is still room for exploration. Loving yourself is a tool for survival in adulthood, which [is not taught by] most of our Asian parents and education systems. I’ve learnt to take better care of myself, and embrace my flaws with less self-criticism.” She further added that she has learnt so much more significance than achieving results.



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The diva also opened about being cyber-bullied when she was young which turned down her confidence and converted the childhood memories into a painful one. But, as the time passed, she has grown to be more forgiving, passionate, and understanding human. Serene also as a page on social media, ‘Line of Heart’; art therapy about which she explains, “In the beginning, I just wanted to share my artworks to express certain feelings, or illustrate stories that have inspired me. In fact, the page was suggested by my friends who saw the potential in me. I’m also very surprised by the feedback from the audience. Oftentimes, people would tell me that they could feel the emotions through my art. So, I decided to do an open submission for people to share their stories, grievances, or anything else to let their voices be heard. Those stories have inspired me to create more artwork in the future.”

Serene is a confident, outgoing, positive woman who strongly believes that people should be taught to believe in themselves and not give in to what society says. She stated that it’s okay to evaluate one’s own work but there is no point in being harsh to oneself because growth takes time. If she decides to participate for Miss International in future, she can be a strong contender as she is experienced and focused towards what she desires in life. The pageant fanatics feel that she can be a potential choice.