Andrea De las Heras replaces Sara Cisneros as Miss Grand Spain 2020

20 Jan 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Andrea De las Heras who was adjudged as the first runner-up at Miss Universe Spain 2020 has replaced Sara Cisneros as the new Miss Grand Spain 2020 and will represent Spain at Miss Grand International 2020. The reason of Sara being replaced is not clear as of now but according to the sources, the organization felt that she did not project any qualities of a ‘Miss’, thus, they appointed Andrea.

Andrea is 25-years-old and stands 176 cm tall; works as an international model and as an entrepreneur she owns a communication agency in Teatro Capital in Madrid. She has a degree in Culinary and studied Public Relations, Event Management and Hotel Management. She speaks Spanish, English and French and she is currently studying the Italian language.



Andrea is not new to the beauty pageant world as she participated Miss Universe Spain 2018 and was one of the finalists for the title. She explains that it was her passion that drew her towards participating but she was very nervous because she hadn’t worked as a professional model prior to her participation. She later participated in Miss Europe 2019 and was announced as the winner at the end of the event finale. She was supposed to participate at Miss Multiverse as well but decided not to participate in the pageant because she wanted to focus on her training for Miss Universe pageant. She later participated in Miss Universe Spain 2020 where she was adjudged as the first runner-up.

The diva believes in destiny and the fact that when it’s your moment, everything is in the mind and is the force of visualization. She believes that if you have decided that you want something and are working hard for it, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving your goals or dreams. The diva is strong, confident, and very beautiful. When it comes to being a strong headed woman, Andrea aces that role because she speaks what her heart says and that’s why she was one of the fan favourites’ during Miss Universe Spain 2018 pageant. She was one of the favourites for the title but now unfortunately couldn’t win but, to her stars has earned the opportunity to represent the country at Miss Grand International 2020 scheduled to take place on 27th March 2020 in Thailand.



Andrea is hardworking, responsible, charismatic, and supportive who is willing to give her best performance in order to take her country to the top. She is grateful for the opportunities she has received till now and believes that all the opportunities has helped her to evolve as a person and model.