Daniela Nicolás for Mis Universe Chile 2020?

04 Jul 2020 | Ana Walia

The coronation ceremony of Miss Universe Chile 2020 will be held later this year where the delegates will compete for the title as well as an opportunity to represent Chile at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Chile is one of the few countries who has sent their respective representatives to Mis Universe pageant since 1952 and has placed 13 times at the semi-finals with winning the crown once when Cecilia Bolocco was crowned in 1987.

The organization has recently announced the three delegates who will be competing for the title at the competition and out of three Daniela Elsa Nicola´s who will be representing the province of Copiapo at the competition is emerging as one of the fan favourites for the title. She is 28-years-old and is a television actress, commentator, newscaster, and a television presenter. She is fond of beauty pageants and representing Chile at international level.



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Danilea is new to the beauty pageant world but since she has worked as an actress and on television industry, she is aware about the environment of a set. She has worked with designers and brands in Chile which has helped her to gain some experience in the field of modelling and the diva wants to explore more of that and thus, she decided to participate in Miss Universe Chile 2020. She has acted in different Chilean series such as lop-up mom, free Cyprus, twins, among others.

The diva is a strong, confident, and beautiful who has worked very hard to be on the top and her chance to represent her country at international level is something she is very proud of. Some of the people who are close to her have explained that she is an excellent orator has an incredible story to tell. She believes that people should be proud and honoured to represent their culture, traditions, and values on an international stage.



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Danilea is an avid preacher of self-love and acceptance which she does through her social media account. She wants to use the platform given to her to be a voice for women who are made to feel that they don’t belong somewhere. She wants to empower women not only in Chile but all over the world and help them to be able to work hard for their dream. She is very excited to be a part of the stage and is hoping to win it at the end of the event finale. She is also working on the skills she feels needs more work like communication and interview skills along on-stage walk.

The diva has a beautiful face with gorgeous locks to flaunt. She is very particular about her workout regime and food intake and with determination has maintained her attractive physique. Her life’s aim to make a mark on the world and be the reason for a difference in someone’s life. She is a very positive and enthusiastic person always ready for a good competition. With such positive attitude, she is one of the front-runners for the title of Miss Universe Chile 2020. Even though she is new to pageantry, her immense confidence and strong uphold at understanding the competition is remarkable.