Miss Amapá 2018 Williene Lima replaced by Emilay Muniz

14 May 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Williene Lima was crowned Miss Amapá 2018 (Miss Amapa Be Emotion 2018) on 17th April 2018. But due to health reasons, she renounced her title and the title was passed to her vice Emilay Muniz. She is now the official candidate of Miss Brasil 2018.

Williene Lima has undergone ophthalmologic surgical procedures and, according to the doctors, there will be no time for his recovery without compromising the contest agenda, directly affecting his health, being even vetoed physical activities. With this, we are definitely trying once and for all to establish the truth about this painful but necessary fact to ensure the health of our chosen miss, which will always be a priority for this coordination.” Miss Amapá organization clarified on their social media handle.


Miss Amapá 2018 Williene Lima replaced by Emilay Muniz

(Photo Credits: Emilay Muniz Instagram Official)

With that being said, Emilay Muniz is the new Miss Amapá 2018. For being granted this opportunity, Emilay took to her Instagram to express her emotions, “First of all, I want to thank God for giving me this unique opportunity to live this wonderful experience, which is to represent our state of Amapá, to have met incredible people, to have made beautiful friends and to continue living unforgettable moments. When I stop to think about how much I have already won, in all the blessings that God has given me, with so much love and affection that I have received from all of you, I can say that I am a privileged person! This love invades my chest and fills me with joy, this love that you emanate for me is incredible and I will never have words to thank everyone!So, I come here to leave my votes of esteem and appreciation to the incredible people who helped me to get where I arrived, because without them none of this would be possible, have my eternal gratitude! I know they all dreamed of the title of Miss Amapá be emotion 2018, I also dreamed, I also believed! But I always respected the dream of every girl who was here. Now with all the simplicity and humility that God has given me, may He allow me to continue like this, to complete my commitments and win the Miss Brazil Be emotion contest that has been pursuing my dreams !! Again, thank you very much for all the love and affection I received from all of you! As for Wiliene, I wish God would come to take care of her health and protect her, a girl of unparalleled beauty deserves the best.”

Well we wish Williene a speedy recovery and the new official candidate Emilay Muniz all the very best for the upcoming national finale.