Miss Earth Netherlands 2018 finalist Milenka Janssen

22 Jun 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Earth Netherlands 2017 Faith Landman will soon crown a new Miss Earth Netherlands 2018 (Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2018) queen. The newly crowned queen will then represent Netherlands at the Miss Earth 2018 Pageant where Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco will crown her successor.

But before the grand coronation night of the Miss Earth Netherlands pageant concludes, it’s important for us to get to know the finalists that will be fighting for the Earth crown of Netherlands.

Of all the contestants, we chose 5 that we believe are the ones standing out in the race to the crown currently, and here is the scoop on one of our favourites.


Miss Earth Netherlands 2018 finalist Milenka Janssen


Milenka Janssen is a 19-year-old and lives in The Hague and studies the Sports and Exercise Lifestyle program. She does this at the ROC Mondriaan College in Delft. She works as a website model at the online webshop Via Mio. She also gives rehabilitation fitness to people with non-congenital brain injury. This means that these people have suffered damage in the brain due to an accident, illness, or a stroke. Often these people are partially paralyzed and Milenka helps them become more mobile through fitness exercises.

She expanded on the moment she heard her name as the winner of Miss Earth Zuid Holland 2018, “Of course, I was the first to embrace my family and have a joy dance. After the after party it has actually become a tradition to go past the Mcdonalds! I am really fond of food and after such a long day I have to relax with a nice fries!”


Miss Earth Netherlands 2018 finalist Milenka Janssen

(Photo Credits:  Milenka Janssen Instagram Official)

“I think it is especially important to show that Miss Election is not really that way people think. That you must surely have a set of brains and a vision of the future. I am everything but a real Miss figure. (think of the stereotyping of dumb blondes who say they want world peace.) I am someone you can often meet in a sweatpants with my hair in a bun and food in my hands. I therefore think that I am an ideal person to show how Missen and Miss Election actually are.” Milenka added on the stereotype around Beauty queens.

Milenka is very fond of animals. From an early age, she has wanted a dog or a horse and after years of nagging when she finally succeeds in getting a dog, it became her buddy. Her favourite animals are parrots, wolves, otters and penguins.

The Miss Earth Netherlands 2018 gala will be held at Studio 21 in Hilversum on 31st August 2018. The coronation has previously been held at the World Hotel Wings for two years, but, due to the increase in the audiences that the pageant hosted, the venue has been changed to fulfill the increased seat requirements.