Celine Van Ouytsel crowned Miss Belgium 2020

12 Jan 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

At the grand coronation night of the 52nd edition of Miss Belgium held yesterday night at the Plopsaland Theater in De Panne, i.e Miss Belgium 2020 (aka Miss België 2020), Celine Van Ouytsel was crowned the new queen. The stunning beauty succeeds Miss Belgium 2019 Elena Castro Suarez and will now represent Belgium in Miss Universe 2020 and/or Miss World 2020.


Celine Van Ouytsel crowned Miss Belgium 2020


Celine is 22 years of age and performed with absolute grace and beauty at the national contest. She has a degree in law showing that she is not just a beautiful face but also intelligent and sharp. Celine became Bobo’s face in Tremelo in 2016 becoming a known face in her region. A multi-lingual person, Celine will surely be a strong competition for the other ladies at any intentional platform she decides to participate. The newly crowned Miss Belgium 2020 Celine’s court included -

First Runner-Up - Celest Decaesstecker

Celest is 19 years of age  and showed sincerity and passion to win the competition for her state. With such a huge platform to talk about things she wishes to achieve, Celest sure rose high at the national competition winning the most cheers from her mother, her biggest inspiration.


Miss Belgium 2020 winner Celine Van Ouytsel


Second Runner-Up - Anicca Van Hollebeke

Annica is 23 years of age who started modelling at the age of 17. She is not new to the pageant world as she has emerged as the winner of the one of the categories of Top Model Belgium 2015. She represented her region with absolute elegance and dedication.

The divas who participated at the national contest were Mohini Cellisa Mathoera from West Flanders 2019, Furayah Kayembe from Hainaut 2019, Alessia Murru from Limburg 2019, Rebecca De Weerdt from Flemish Brabant 2019, Nisa Van Baelen from Limburg 2019, Ines Benaisa from Brussels 2019, Lorina Boterdaele from East Flanders 2019, Selena Ali from Antwerp 2019, Chelsy De Witte from East Flanders 2019, Blandine Frennet from Namur 2019, Inara Wytnick from East Flanders 2019, Anicca Van Hollebeke from Liège 2019, Orelie De Nul from East Flanders 2019, Nihal Eddaghmoumi from Brussels 2019, Marieke Vannieuwenhuyse from West Flanders 2019, Marie Al-Nima from Hainaut 2019, Celine Van Ouytsel from Antwerp 2019, Cindy Wetzels from Brussels 2019, Celest Decaesstecker from West Flanders 2019, Amandine Toffoli from Liège 2019, Pauline Noyen from East Flanders 2019, Bélinda Cerini from Hainaut 2019, Karen Jansen from Limburg 2019, Donegul Kula from Antwerp 2019, Yara Stuvyen from Flemish Brabant 2019, Laura Vanquaillie from Luxembourg 2019, Willemijn Pieters from East Flanders 2019, Sarah Chiry from Hainaut 2019, Elize Baron from Flemish Brabant 2019, Marie Thomas from Walloon Brabant 2019, Caro Beugnier from Antwerp 2019, Gaëlle Delforge from Namur 2019.