Kelsey Johnson to represent Canada at Miss Charm International 2021

12 Apr 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The first edition of Miss Charm International will be held on 11th October 2021 at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where delegates from all over the world will compete for the crown. The global-scale beauty pageant aims to search for the most exceptional representatives in the world, to appreciate women’s beauty as well as accelerate culture, education, and tourism.

Kelsey Johnson has been confirmed to represent Canada at Miss Charm International 2021. The announcement was made via Miss Charm International’s official social media page. The diva stands 180 cm tall and is very passionate about representing her country at international competition.



Born and raised in London, Ontario, Kelsey has acquired a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree from McMaster University, where she excelled at Political Science and Health Studies. She also earned her postgraduate degree in Public Relations from Humber College. She currently works as a cabin crew for Emirates.

The beauty queen is not new to the world of beauty pageants as she was recently seen as a participant at Miss Universe Canada 2020 where she was highly appreciated for her performance. She started her pageantry journey in 2011 when she participated in Miss Teen London and was announced as the winner at the end of the event finale. She describes herself as an ambitious, confident, and hard-working woman who wants to build a platform to raise her voice against social injustice. Kelsey’s firsthand experience with bullying has helped her to push herself, face challenges and become the best version of herself along with helping people with the same issue. The diva mentioned that building a platform, based on self-love and acceptance, helped her to prove that it is possible to overcome any obstacle if you truly believe in yourself.

Kelsey’s love for traveling is influenced by her grandfather who was a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force thus, she started to work as a flight attendant and has visited over 70 countries because of which she has learned how to step out of her comfort zone. Through her travels, the beauty queen has also learned about various cultures that have been eye-opening for her and meeting new people, trying new things, and visiting unique places.



Over the years, she has worked with various charities and nonprofit organizations across the globe, such as the Maria Cristina Foundation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They seek to empower children through education, giving them the tools necessary to accomplish their hopes and dreams. She wants to use the platform to help people realize their full potential by encouraging them to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

Kelsey is a strong, confident, and determined woman who loves to be in front of the camera and collaborate with creative minds. She assures that with representing Canada at the first edition of Miss Charm International, she will be introduced to various opportunities and a chance to expand herself in the areas she loves to work. She is thankful for everyone who has helped her through her journey as she believes that a good support system is crucial time helps in managing a career and private life.