Taipei’s Man Jung Kao crowned Miss Chinese World 2021

20 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The virtual coronation of Miss Chinese World 2021 was held on 18th August 2021 and was broadcast live on Miss Chinese World’s Facebook page. Man Jung Kao, who represented Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) in the competition, was announced as the winner at the end of the event finale.

Kao is 23-years-old. She is an actress, a speaker, and a model who feels excited and blessed to be able to perform her best at the competition and win the competition for her country. She was one of the strongest contenders for the crown and was finally announced as the winner of Miss Chinese World 2021 at the end of the virtual ceremony.


Taipei’s Man Jung Kao crowned Miss Chinese World 2021


Miss Chinese World 2021 Man Jung Kao’s court includes:

First runner-up: Aun Li Ying, representing Johor, Malaysia

Second runner-up: Helsa Goewyn representing Pontianak, Indonesia

In one of her social media posts, Kao mentioned that when she started her career as a model, she did not know how to speak, put on makeup, or walk in high heels, but the only thing she was determined to do was to learn and perform her best, which she did. The diva started training and practicing every day with dedication and was able to meet many noble people and get many opportunities, which helped her to gain confidence and a vision.


Man Jung Kao crowned Miss Chinese World 2021


With her determination and dedication, Kao earned the opportunity to represent Taiwan at Miss International 2018, where she was highly appreciated for her performance. She was also adjudged as the fourth runner-up at Miss World Beauty World 2019. She sent out a message to the young girls who aspire to be beauty queens by mentioning, "I hope you will continue to walk with bravery and confidence, not forgetting your original intention!"

Kao is a strong, confident, focused woman who feels extremely grateful for the opportunities that came her way and helped her to evolve into a strong individual she can be proud of. She uses her social media to share her beauty and skin routine with her fans and followers and to encourage young girls to stay dedicated to what they love. She is a positive, hopeful person who wishes to see more representatives from Taiwan on the international stage.