Adriana Moya Alvarado for Miss Costa Rica 2020 crown?

14 Mar 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The grand coronation night of Miss Costa Rica 2020 is scheduled for somewhere in July where 12 beauties will compete for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Costa Rica at Miss Universe 2020 beauty pageant. Miss Costa Rica 2019 Paola Chacón will crown her successor at the end of the finale.

For the 66th edition of Miss Costa Rica, a new batch of beauties have paved their way into the beauty competition. The batch is filled with beautiful and talented divas and looks promising to give an incredible performance at the national pageant. Adriana Moya Alvarado is emerging as the potential winner for the title.



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Adriana Moya hails from Costa Rica; is 25-years-old and stand 173cm tall is an architect and professional model. She is passionate about dancing, exercising, designing and traveling. She is fluent in Spanish and English language.

Adriana is not new to pageantry as she participated in Miss Intercontinental 2018 where she was placed as the 1st runner-up by the end of the event finale. She left a notable mark in the final Question and Answer round of the pageant where she kept her opinion very gracefully on being asked about what success is. She stated that success for her is to be certain of what she achieves in her life, follow the path of her dreams and pursue them and pay gratitude for what she has achieved in life till now.



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Adriana is a traveler and likes to take herself on adventure trips often where she can explore and experience new things in life by getting out of her comfort zone. She discovered herself by learning about other cultures, religions and meet people with different ways of living and thinking than hers.

The diva who has always dreamt of being a beauty queen and is an architect by profession wants to a role model to people across the globe especially young people and inspire them to be more confident. She urges young women to find themselves and accept themselves just the way they are and emerge as winners of their lives. She wants to leave a very impactful mark on the society and Miss Costa Rica 2020 will help her to achieve that in so many ways. The platform not only provides her to raise her voice but also helps her to build her confidence to reach out to people.

She feels immensely proud that she is a part of Miss Costa Rica 2020 as it allows her to hold the voice one needs to break the stereotypes that the society has built about beauty, showing that women can be beautiful, strong, intelligent and natural at the same time.



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She strongly believes that she wants to become a great professional, be useful for her country and represent it worldwide though architecture. She explains that she wants to break the stereotype because this will help her in eradication of male chauvinism. “I chose a dominated by men profession and I set out to demonstrate that women can carry out the mission of architecture and many other disciplines without gender being an obstacle”, she further explained.

She is positive, young and confident woman as she has experienced the fashion and beauty world by working with various renowned designers and photographers. She has walked on-stage for the designers who have helped her to be a better model. She is humble, kind and very quick to learn the simple yet essential techniques to ace her performance.

She has started to prepare for the grand finale where she wants to give her best shot and would like to win the title and an opportunity to represent Costa Rica at Miss Universe 2020. She is working on her body postures, body language, angels and speech for the competition. She also is an work out enthusiast and works out every day to maintain her body healthy and fit for the competition. She can be a tough competitor for other contestants at Miss Costa Rica 2020 as her admirable smile adds up to her beauty.