Miss Earth 2014 Top 5 Favourites

27 Nov 2014 | Angelopedia

With only two days to go for finals coronation night of Miss Earth 2014, we present our Top 5 Favourites to win the 14th edition of Miss Earth, the finals whereof will be held on November 29’ 2014 at  the UP Theater in Manila, Philippines. Our team of experts have been looking at the contestants and their performances at the ongoing competitions and group events, and have analysed each contestant carefully.

So here goes the list of our Top 5 Favourites duly ranked by our pageant experts –

#1 Spain Zaira Bas has been giving her best performance at the Miss Earth 2014 competition. She has won two gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal at the various group events. Zaira was awarded with the gold medals in Swimsuit competition and Resort Wear competition, silver medal in the Evening Gown competition and bronze medal in National Costume competition. She has also managed to bag Miss Phoenix Petroleum and Miss Ever Bilena sponsor awards.

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#2 Venezuela - Maira Alexandra Rodríguez stands at second place in our ranking of Top 5 favourites for Miss Earth 2014 pageant. She has bagged the second highest number of medals, having won four silver medals and one bronze medal. Maira was awarded with the silver medals in Evening Gown competition, Cocktail Wear competition, National Costume competition and Darling of the Press, and bronze medal in Resort Wear competition. She was also rewarded with Miss Fashion Show Beach Wear, Miss Glutamax and Miss Pontefino titles during the sponsor awards.

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#3 Philippines - Jamie Herrell is also giving a tough competition to the beauties, having won two gold medals and one silver medal at the group events. She has won the gold medals in Cocktail Wear competition and Darling of the Press, and a silver medal in National Costume competition. Jamie has also won Miss Earth Hannah's Beach Resort, Miss Hannah's Beach Resort Best in Swimsuit and Sun for Miss Earth Award sponsor titles.

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#4 Denmark - Aisha Isabella Hansen stands at fourth place in Angelopedia’s Top 5 favourites to win the Miss earth 2014, though she has not been able to win any medals or sponsor titles in the group events our experts strongly believe that she will be placed in the final top five. She definitely has that looks and grace to win the pageant.

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#5 France - Laetizia Penmellen Giovannelli, who looks beautiful with green eyes, has won a gold medal for Miss Photogenic (Online Voting) competition. She looks gorgeous and has it all to be placed in the Top 5 of Miss Earth 2014 pageant.

Though it seems that France will not be competing at the finals night due medical reasons, we have retained her placement in our Top 5 favourites. However, with her absence, the Top 5 Favourites should be read as Top 4 favourites (excluding France)!

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Miss Earth 2014 Top 5 Favourites

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