Katherine Espin on environmental education tour to schools

28 Mar 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Earth Organisation is passionately and dedicatedly working towards its advocacy, and making sure that its representatives too are in total sync with the organisation when it comes to fulfilling duties. Also like we said earlier, Katherine Espin is proving to be a strong ambassador for the pageant.


Katherine Espin on environmental education tour to schools


From travelling places to photoshoots to attending events to working for a cause to etc etc, Katherine has always kept herself busy throughout her reign. The dedication with which this Ecuadorian beauty is fulfilling her duties in commendable and we cannot get over with her commitment to her work. Recently, the Ecuadorian beauty was seen attending a tree planting event during her environmental education tour to schools in Manila. Through the environmental education tour, the organisation aims at creating awareness among the children about the importance of trees and why it is important to preserve our mother earth.

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It’s amazing to see the organisation and the girls take such keen interest in the environmental activites of Miss Earth beauty pageant. Katherine Espin and Angelia Ong are all set to embark upon their new journey, as the beauties will be travelling to Angola for their duties as the Earth Warriors. The scheduled stay in Angola for the two is between April 20th to 24th.

Katherine has always talked about working towards creating awareness on Climate Change. According to Katherine, people’s interest plays an important role in this problem. In addition to raising awareness about climatic change, the beauty queen said she would also promote eco-tourism among big companies, and bring in to practice the five environmental Rs - reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink and respect.

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