American beauties to dominate Miss Earth 2020?

14 Oct 2020 | Ana Walia

The 20th edition of Miss Earth, i.e., Miss Earth 2020 is going to be held on 29th November 2020 and for the first time in history, Miss Earth will crown their new titleholder with a virtual coronation night due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The winner will succeed Miss Earth 2019 Nellys Pimentel of Puerto Rico for the title.

The candidates are divided into four continental groups; Asia & Oceania, Africa, Americas, and Europe and will then compete in the following categories: Earth Talk, Talent, Evening Gown, Beach Wear, Sports Wear, National Costume, and Interview with Netizens. The preliminary judging categories are: Beauty of Face, Fitness, and Environmental Awareness.

With the preliminary activities yet to start in a full swing, pageant fanatics feel that the American beauties representing their respective countries might make it to the top positions of the competition and could dominate the competition with their strong and confident performances. Let’s look at these strong American beauties who will compete at Miss Earth 2020:

Miss Earth Venezuela 2020 Stephany Zreik

Stephany Zreik is 24-years-old and stands 173 cm tall and is going to represent Venezuela at Miss Earth 2020. She describes herself, "I am an enthusiast. I am a woman with a strong personality that has her life objectives clear in her life. Since I was a kid, I had to take care of my little sister as my mother had to work all the day. Because of that, it has made me more mature and focused on what I want in my life." Her advocacy for the competition is to make people conscious about the modern problems that humanity is facing in current times. She wants to use the platform of Miss Earth to make her voice reach people and with her hard work and determination she wants to educate people to start changing their habits and leave the world in a better place for the future generation. The diva mentioned, “I love interviews and to share my opinion in public. I have a lot of self-confidence and this is my most valuable quality because it helps me to empathize with people.” She is strong, focused, and determined to make her presence on-stage count and with her confidence, she can surely make it to the top positions of the competition.



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Miss Earth Chile 2020 Macarena Quinteros

Macrena Quinteros is 22-years-old and 176 cm tall and is going to represent Chile at Miss Earth 2020. She describes herself as curious, passionate, nerdy, and hard-working human who mentioned, “Something important for me and part of my childhood are the times when I adopted and rescued dogs from the street, so that later I could find a home for them." Her advocacy for the competition is based on her "New Cycle" Project in which she along with a team have been working on for more than a year, they faithfully believe in the importance of reducing the impact of the textile industry on the environment. She has been working on a sustainable fashion project, through 3D printing which she feels is going to be beneficial for the society. With Miss Earth 2020’s stage she can reach out to the masses and educate and create awareness about sustainable fashion choices. She also believes being informed about what is affecting the planet today is the most important thing and urges everyone to educate oneself and others to be more careful with our actions and decisions. With her strong advocacy and performance at the regional pageant, she surely made a standing in everyone’s mind and now with taking her performance a level up, she is going to be a front-runner for the title.



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Miss Earth Argentina 2020 Estrella Danieri

Estrella Danieri is 20-years-old and stands 175 cm tall and is going to represent Argentina at Miss Earth 2020. She describes, "I like adventure trips, I also really love feeling the water, taking showers in the rain and taking care of myself." Her advocacy is about preventing forest fires and she is going to use the platform given to her to educate people about the same. The diva who like to work for mother nature is also a co-coordinator in “Brilla Mujer" which is a foundation to help people with cancer. She is passionate, focused, and determined to win the title for her country and promote diverse landscapes and wildlife of the country. She has emerged as one of the strongest contenders for the title and pageant fanatics feel that she is surely going to make it to the top position at the competition.



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Miss Earth USA 2020 Lindsey Coffey

Lindsey Coffey is 28-years-old and 176 cm tall and is going to represent USA at Miss Earth 2020. She is one strongest contender at the competition and aspires to build an animal sanctuary to empty the kennels and to rescue the ill-treated. She explained that she has immense love for animals and this is another reason she loves nature so much. “It is a home to so many beautiful creatures. It is amazing to be able to share a space with so many different forms of life. Sometimes they tend to sneak up on you as well as once I was caught in the middle of thousands of jelly fish off the coast of South Africa!" she explained. Her advocacy for the competition is to create awareness about the many environmental issues we are facing today. But, one of the main issues she wants to focus on is the water crisis that poses the most immediate risk as it affects humanity and regional stability. Lindsey explained that “our water on Earth is limited due to pollution, overuse and the increase of demand, lack of or outdated infrastructure, as well as changes in weather patterns due to global warming. Globally, we must turn to ecological restoration, contour farming, rainwater harvesting, and desalination in order to combat this crisis.” The diva explains that she has been a vegetarian for over 20 years, a choice she made as a child because of her connection with animals. She has lived in multiple countries for months at a time such as Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Canada, and Australia. The diva mentioned that in USA, they have dedicated programs in protecting and preserving the national parks, an ex-tensive list of green, sustainable hotels across America, and citizens who encourage eco-friendly culture. She wants to use the platform to encourage conversation with others to amplify her voice, influence other to use their voice, to share on social media, and to con-duct impactful media outreach. Lindsey is one of the fan favorite candidate and has shown a lot of potential to place at the top positions.



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