Celebrating Earth Day with Miss Earth 2021 Destiny Wagner

22 Apr 2022 | Camilla Suarez

In honor of the annual Earth Day celebration, the reigning Miss Earth 2021 Destiny Wagner teamed up with Chan Chin Lodge, in the jungles of northwestern Belize, carefully situated in the plaza of an ancient Maya city, to plant trees in the heart of the rainforest.

The diva who was recently appointed as Belize’s Sustainable Tourism Ambassador shared, “Many countries suffer from deforestation! The loss of our trees can cause climate change, flooding, wild life extinction and erosion. Did you know that trees not only give us oxygen but purify our air? They also are a main source of food for several animals. This Earth Day I urge you all to give back to the planet! Whether you plant a tree, carpool, turn off your lights, or participate in a community clean up, you have the power to make a difference! Together we can save our planet!”



Destiny is an environmental advocate who has previously shared her will to bring ‘Sustainability of marine life and conservation of our natural resources’ to awareness during her reign. As the new ambassador, Destiny will be working towards strengthening cooperation in the sustainable development of the country’s protected areas with the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations.

After creating history as the first ever Belizean beauty queen to win one of the Big4 international beauty pageants, Destiny has been consistently working her bits as the Miss Earth and making the country as well as the pageant world proud.



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Earth Day is an annual event devoted to raising awareness of our planet and the importance of conservation and preservation. For Earth Day 2022, the message that is being directed is to act boldly,innovate broadly and implement equitably.