Former Miss Earth Austria Melanie Mader makes her digital debut

05 Dec 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Melanie Mader who represented Austria at Miss Earth 2018 and was adjudged as the Miss Earth Air 2018 at the end of the event finale ventures into the colorful world of show business in the Philippines as she signs up for PeppsTV, the digital entertainment platform of homegrown live events production company Prime Event Production Philippines (PEPPs) Foundation Inc.

The diva belongs to Filipino-Austrian descent and impressed everyone with her performance at Miss Earth 2018 where she was asked “Being a millennial, what do you think is the most pressing issue of your generation?” To which she answered, “As a millennial, we tend to not pay attention about what’s happening around the world because of all the technologies we’re using, like social media. But we can use social media in a positive way. We millennials can use it to spread awareness on what’s happening in our environment, and if we do that, everybody will be informed on what’s happening, and we can live a better future, not just for us human beings, but for the creatures on Earth. Thank you.”



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On 1st December 2020, beauty queen along with other artists were introduced at the channel’s launch which was held at the Matrix Creation Events Venue in Quezon City. Melanie shared that she had went under an intense training session before entering the show business on a digital platform. “We show our real selves in pageants. But in acting, we must present different characters,” she added.

The former beauty queen mentioned that she does not have anything specific on her mind as of now in terms of accepting roles and is open to being either the protagonist or antagonist in a story. She will be seen in the online BL series “My Toxic Lover” featuring Iñaki Torres, and coming to PeppsTV earlier next year.



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Carlo Morris Galang; PEPPs Chief Executive Officer mentioned during the press conference that he thought of launching an online channel in order to support his staff members as a lot of people’s professional life hit a halt when the pandemic struct the live events industry. “Our company needs to survive, and we have to do it online to provide entertainment,” Galang said.

The diva has also competed at Miss Earth Philippines 2016 where she represented the Filipino Community of Vienna, Austria. She was crowned Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2016 during the coronation night of the pageant. However, she became Miss Philippines Water 2016 after Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Imelda Schweighart and Miss Philippines Air 2016 Kiara Giel Gregorio gave up their respective titles.