Polli Cannabis sorts garbage to inspire fellow Belarusians

31 Jan 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Earth’s slogan says, ‘Beauties With A Cause’, and Miss Earth Belarus is definitely taking that to the heart. The first Belarusian participant of the international beauty contest "Miss Earth" Polli Cannabis and the first Miss of the beauty contest of the Grodno housing and utilities Oksana Sheiko were seen together at the conveyor at the garbage sorting plant. The girls believe that the example that they are setting, will help to draw people's attention to the problems of waste recycling and will inspire more Grodno people to share garbage.



Last year Polli became the first participant from Belarus in the International beauty contest Miss Earth and became interested in environmental issues. "In addition to the requirements for appearance, an important condition for the contestants was an active lifestyle and participation in environmental projects in their country. For a month before the competition it was necessary to do every day some kind of ecological action to prevent global warming and save the planet for future generations, "Polly remembers.

During the preparation for the contest, Polli participated in planting trees, changed energy-saving lamps in her apartment, handed over batteries and capsules for processing coffee machines, was accustomed to saving water and electricity and not buying plastic bags in the store.

Returning to Belarus, she continues environmental activism. They managed to find like-minded people in the Grodno public association "Ecomonitoring".

A trip to the waste sorting plant in Grodno is one of the first of Polli’s environmental actions at home.

"Before, I had never been to such enterprises and was glad to see the process with my own eyes. I wanted to know what they were doing with the waste at the plant. Now I'm under the impression how much garbage is formed in the city in one day and how many people are employed to ensure the possibility of its processing, "Polli Cannabis said.

As ecoactivists are convinced that, excursions to the plant can also become interesting educational activities, they are ready to conduct then for a wide variety of visitors.

"Students from GrSU and the Agrarian University came to us, schoolchildren visited, and there was even one group from the kindergarten," said plant director Vyacheslav Andreevsky. - You just need to call in advance and agree on the time. We even organize the transportation of the group on our own bus. "

The example of the beauty queens going down to the plant and being a part of process themselves can be an opportunity for inspiration. Such actions, according to eco-activists, are able to draw attention to the rational handling of garbage and help in solving environmental problems.