Miss Earth Chile 2020 Top 7 Hot Picks

08 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Earth Chile will be hosting the finale event for Miss Earth Chile 2020 soon where the finalists from all over the country will compete for the national title and an opportunity to represent the country of Chile at the virtual Miss Earth 2020 competition. The winner will succeed Miss Earth Chile 2019 Fernanda Méndez for the crown.

The organization had revealed the names of finalists who will be competing for the title and this year’s batch of Miss Earth Chile boasts of talented and strong candidates who will surely give each other a tough competition for the national crown. We’ve selected top seven delegates who we feel have the potential to represent Chile at Miss Earth 2020 stage.

Vania Pool Opazo was elected as Miss Earth San Pedro de Atacama 2020 and is 27-years-old and stands 172 cm tall and is a commercial engineer and has devised a project with ecological containers in order to separate and recycle all the plastics, cans, and disposable bottles. She also works as a math, handball, soccer, and a swimming teacher. She also works on advocating everyone about how to positively impact the environment by choosing the sustainable options and making some lifestyle changes. She believes in "My change, our change, our planet.”


Vania Pool Opazo


María Fernanda Arias Bustos is Miss Earth Chillán 2020 and is 20-years-old and stands 165 cm tall and is a second year student of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Concepción, a career that has allowed her to be a volunteer teacher in the pre-university schools of the municipality of her city and of the Federico Santa María University. She is also a Montessori guide and a “Future Commissions” volunteer.


María Fernanda Arias Bustos


Josefa Rojas is Miss Earth Ovalle 2020 and is 17-years-old and stands 167 cm tall and is a student and has the undertaking of a virtual store clothing and accessories. She states, “Maybe I can’t change the world but, yes the little bit touches me.” At a such young age, Josefa has made her mark in the beauty pageant world with her strong views about protecting the environment.


Josefa Rojas


Macarena Quinteros Tapia is Miss Earth Patagonia 2020 and is 21-years-old and stands 175 cm tall and a first-year student of Psychology and in her spare time she dedicates them to her favourite hobby, reading and her modelling work. She has been working on a sustainable fashion project, through 3D printing for more than a year and Miss Earth Chile 2020 will give her a platform to talk about her project to a larger audience.


Macarena Quinteros Tapia


Josefa Candia is Miss Earth Santiago 2020 and is 19-years-old and stands 175 cm tall and is a student of Law and her message for the people is about "Earth Balance”. She has also participated in the pageants such as Miss school and is a volunteer in a camp in Batuco. She speaks Spanish and English language which can help her at the competition.


Josefa Candia


Victoria Muñoz is Miss Earth Rancagua 2020 and is 24-years-old and stands 170 cm tall. She is a flight attendant and speaks English and French language fluently. She is also a technician in Environmental Conservation. She is beautiful, strong, and determined to bring in the change in the environment and win the title.


Victoria Muñoz


Montserrat Larrondo Ávalos is Miss Earth Valparaíso 2020 and is 24-years-old and stands 170 cm tall and is bilingual and is a last-year law student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, where she works as an Assistant for Language Strategies and Professional Skills. She is trained in Environmental Law and Business Ethical Responsibility, related to the care of natural resources, linked to the impact of sustainable fashion and the textile industry. She is currently participating in training cycles in Fashion Law.


Montserrat Larrondo Ávalos