Katherine Espín Gómez crowned as Miss Earth Ecuador 2016

10 Aug 2016 | Angelopedia

Ecuador has elected its 2016 representative for the Miss Earth 2016 pageant. 23 years old Katherine Espín Gómez has been appointed as Miss Earth Ecuador 2016 and will now represent Ecuador at the Miss Earth 2016 pageant. Katherine succeeds Angela Maritza Bonilla Zapata Miss Earth Ecuador 2015.

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Standing tall at a towering height of 172cm, Katherine is a pageant veteran who has competed at the Reina Internacional del Café 2013 in Colombia. She has also competed at Miss Bikini Universe 2015 in China where she finished as the first runner-up. Katherine spent her childhood in the United States and finished her school and college from the States.

Katherine enjoys cooking and also likes to read a lot. “People judge without knowing. The fact that we are beauty queens does not mean that we are perfect. We are human and as such we make mistakes. The important thing is to keep growing and preparing. Only God can judge us,” said Katherine talking about the life of a beauty queen during one of her interviews.

Coming back to your feedback, do you think Katherine has what it takes to be the next Miss Earth?

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Katherine Espín Gómez crowned as Miss Earth Ecuador 2016

Katherine Espín Gómez Miss Earth Ecuador 2016