Miss Earth Liberia 2020 Robell Hovers embarks on her Eco-Project

13 Jan 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Robell C. Hovers who represented Liberia at Miss Earth 2020 has embarked on her Eco-project and explains that it is established to acknowledge people on the environmental issues and to help the community on social issues. She further explained that her project is going to be in two phases; the environment and the second will focus on social issues.

Her advocacy for Miss Earth 2020 was to create awareness and educate people about the threat the planet is facing and working towards making a change in society. She believes in engaging people in her community for a meaningful conversation and build up respect and awareness for the environment and apply the cultural practice.

The diva is 19-years-old and stands 176 cm tall and explained that her project is targeting students between ages 11 and 16 years; “We decided to use those ages to be able to build their minds on the environment; upon entering senior high school or college and reaching adolescent age they will be able to understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment,” she added.


Miss Earth Liberia 2020 Robell Hovers embarks on her Eco-Project

(Photo Credit: Miss Earth Liberia Facebook Official)

Robell further stated that her team is going to visit students from elementary and junior high to establish environmental clubs, appointing community chairmen as heads to set a date aside for a clean-up campaign. The diva explained that she wants to take the two-phased; Eco-project further to stress the need for young people to go back to their rules and take on the discipline their parents imparted in them. Robell’s need to take onto the second phase of her eco-project after she observed, understood the difficult lives of children, and the peer pressure and traditions they must live in.

“We are trying to create a self-esteem environment for everyone to have the experience, and it is time for people to realize the importance of having a clean environment; we all must work together to make our various environments clean, and to do that we all need to be mentally stable,” she further explained.

Miss Earth Liberia 2020 strongly believes that with her focus and eco-project she will be able to not only help the community but also make a shift in society. She is very hopeful that her ‘eco-project’ will make the people realize the importance of social issues including environmental issues along with it.