Green is the New Orange for Miss Earth South Africa 2017 semi-finalist

14 Jul 2017 | Angelopedia

Nurayn Ismail is one of the semi- finalists of Miss Earth South Africa 2017 who believes in Beauty for a cause. For her environmental project, Ismail decided to plant three indigenous trees at the Leeuwkop Prison.“Everyone always plants their trees at schools or churches, so I thought I’d shake it up and plant trees at the Leeuwkop Prison,” said Ismail.

The inmates, prison representatives and Ismael planted three indigenous trees and Sejane William who is the manager of agriculture at the prison said they would plant the rest of the trees in August when the weather is more suitable for the trees.

Ismails’ dream is to start recycling projects in schools and to educate the youth about waste management and the environment. She is also working on an idea to establish vegetable gardens at various prisons.

At last, she said, “Despite the crime that the offenders have committed, I want to encourage them to be better and as a society, it is our duty to help others,” She handed out cupcakes to the inmates and to the prison representatives to thank them for their support and hard work.

Miss Earth is not just a beauty pageant; in fact it encourages winners to give their helping hands to protect Mother Earth and it becomes even more encouraging when people see their country’s beauty queens giving 100% contribution in doing the same.  


Green is the New Orange for Miss Earth South Africa 2017 semi-finalist