Miss Earth USA 2022 Top 15 Hot Picks

30 Dec 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Earth USA organization is all set host the 2022 edition as the finale will be held on 8th January 2022 and a new representative will be crowned to represent USA at Miss Earth 2022. Miss Earth USA 2021 and Miss Earth Air 2021 Marisa Butler will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

While this year’s batch boasts of stunning and talented beauties who will give a strong competition to each other at the finale, some divas have emerged as strong contenders for the title and mewq 0063ade it to our favorites. So, without any further ado, here are our Top 15 hot picks for Miss Earth USA 2022 –

Kimberly Keen Miss Alaska Earth USA 2022

Kimberly Keen was elected as Miss Alaska Earth USA 2022 in September this year as she became the official representative of Alaska at Miss Earth USA 2022. Kimberly Keen is 27 years of age who is a family law lawyer, freelance journalist, model, humanitarian, and environmental activist. The stunning beauty graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and the University of San Diego School of Law with a Juris doctorate degree.

Kimberly is actively involved with Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, where she helps the legal team introduce draft legislation to the Iraqi Parliament to help victims of ISIS. She wrote an article about the human rights crisis which was also internationally published. The stunning beauty is also the founder of Oceana Project, where she raises relief funds for wildlife restoration efforts for the disastrous Huntington Beach oil spill.

Brielle Simmons Miss Connecticut Earth USA 2022

Miss Connecticut Earth 2022 Brielle Simmons developed a love for the environment. Currently, the diva is an University student doing honors majoring in legal studies. As a future environmental lawyer, she will advocate for earth’s natural resources and policies that provide environmental equity for everyone.

She is also presently the co-founder and creative director of an organization and provides with a hands-on educational program for children. The program builds academic achievement and self confidence to environment literacy. Students use technology and specific learning techniques to explore sustainability and earth’s natural resources.

Minh Nguyen Miss Florida Earth USA 2022

Vietnamese beauty Minh Nguyen will represent Florida at Miss Earth USA 2022. She is a mechanical engineer and one of her passions include mentoring and increasing representation of young women in STEM. The diva is pursuing her graduate engineering degree from Columbia University so that she can work on powering our country with clean energy.

Determined to make an impact towards a sustainable and equitable future for all, she started her journey with a goal to find a platform for raising awareness about the impacts of climate change.

Jewel Mahoe Miss Hawaii Earth USA 2022

Miss Hawaii Earth 2022 Jewel Manhoe is a pre-school special education student. She is also a third year doctoral student and is learning design and technology program at the University of Hawaii. Born and raised in Honolulu, Jewel enjoys spending time with her family and is fond of running. She is preparing and training to take part in the Honolulu marathon for the second time.

The diva is extremely proud of her Japanese, Chinese and native Hawaiian ancestory and deeply enjoys learning new things about her community and culture. Giving back to her community is what she has always wanted to do and jhas joined Miss Earth to inspire and be a role model to young aspiring women and others to make a difference.

Rose Pidgorodetska Miss Iowa Earth USA 2022

Rose Pidgorodetska is a first generation Ukrainian-American small business owner. She is a graduate in Public Relations and Business Management. She was recognized nationally by the Women’s Business and Enterprise Council as a distinguished student entrepreneur.

Since her childhood, growing up on a farm, nature has always been a major part of her life. For her Think Global, Act Global project, Rose visited several local shop[s in her hometown and encouraged them to add recycling bins, donate access food and educated them about how they can better ship their products while also being environmentally friendly.


Miss Earth USA 2022 Top 15 Hot Picks


Udeme Ikaiddi Miss Mississippi Earth USA 2022

27 year-old Udeme is a first generation Nigerian-American, a yogi, a music lover, mental health advocate and entrepreneur. She studied management at the University of South Florida and found her passion in hospitality. Whenever she is at work, she makes sure to find ways to be environmentally friendly in the everyday work lives.

When not at work, she typically likes to be outside, being able to take a deep breath, feel the sun and feel the earth, it helps her clear her mind.  She joined Miss Earth because she wanted to personally find a way to couple environment friendly living with mental health and healing.

Tyler Prugh Miss Missouri Earth USA 2022

Tyler Prugh will be representing Missouri at the Miss Earth USA 2022 pageant. She works as an Attorney at Prugh Law Office, Attorney at Law. From Waynesville, Tyler studied Sociology, Psychology, and Human Development and Family Studies at Mizzou. She went to Waynesville High School and studied law at Albany Law School.

The stunning beauty is not new to the pageantry as she was Miss Missouri U.S. International 2019 and went on to participate in Miss International USA 2019. Before that, she was Miss Midwest Earth United States 2018 and represented her region in Miss Earth United States 2018. In 2017, Tyler was a part of Miss Missouri USA 2017 and finished Top 15 at the contest. She was also the winner of Miss Grand Missouri 2020.

Teni Bello Miss New Jersey Earth USA 2022

Teni Bello is 20 years old and currently a student of Communication and Media at the Mount Clair University. She is the founder of team Varsity, a platform where she uses her life story as an inspiration to inspire and impact the youth. In the midst of establishing her own platform, she became the official representative from her University at the at the Covenant house of New Jersey.

The ability to inspire other people is what inspired Teni. “The meaning of Miss Earth USA is to be a leader with a server’s heart. I want to promote the Miss Earth USA Mission statement of empowering women through community leadership and environmental education,” she shared.

Marizza Delgado Miss New York Earth USA 2022

Pinay model Marizza Delgado is a 22-year-old model from New York's One Management Agency and is not new to the world of pageantry. She was crowned as Miss Pacific Coast Teen USA 2017, prior to winning the state title. As a model, she has done campaign work for brands like H&M, L'Oreal, Walmart, and Kohls, as well as two seasons of the New York Fashion Week.

"I'm promoting awareness and social responsibility to protect our environment. My platform #VeganForAReason is to promote a vegan lifestyle and show how accessible a healthy, ethical plant-based diet can do for the planet, and to reduce our carbon footprint for the environment, animals, and future generations," she shared.

Ilyhanee Robles Miss New Mexico Earth USA 2022

Robles is a third generation American from an immigrant family who migrated from Mexico. Working in the farms, harvesting fruits and vegetables, her family did everything in the pursuit of the American dream. During the process her family was exposed to toxic chemicals which caused severe health problems to them all due to which she was hospitalized at a young age due to respiratory problems.

 “I want to show the world, that pageant girls are not only glitz and glam and we are intelligent beings capable of making a change in this world. I want to be Miss Earth USA because I have the passion and drive to be able to make real change on the planet,” she shared.


Tyler Prugh Miss Missouri Earth USA 2022


Hannah Welborn-Lewis Miss North Carolina Earth USA 2022

Hannah Lewis representing North Carolina comes with a purpose to be rather than to be seen. Growing up she was provided with every opportunity to succeed. She shared that pageantry provided her with the confidence to believe in herself and helped her push to focus in her academics.

Currently working as an applications and digital recruiter where she navigates the ever-0changing landscape of technology. Her journey has been towards become more committed towards helping the planet. She has been helping by creating sustainable shareable solutions to encourage healthy consumer practices and habits that are rooted in reusing, recycling, refusing, reducing and rethinking.

Emma Loney Miss Oklahoma Earth USA 2022

Miss Oklahoma Earth 2022 Emma Loney has been breaking all the stereotypes on-stage with her confidence and strong performance. She has ben appreciated because she showcased that beauty pageants and beauty in general is not just confined to slim bodies as she is a plus size model.

The diva started her beauty pageant journey at the age of 16-years and soon realised that the title and platform can be used to implement changes in the society. She shared, “Being a curvy titleholder has shown me that the pageant industry is changing and though not all organizations are as progressive, there are many are starting to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. Being a positive role model and a great titleholder is not indicative of fitting a certain mould of external appearance.”

Natalia Salmon Miss Pennsylvania Earth USA 2022

22 years old Natalia is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland where she studied architecture and real estate development. She is currently studying for her Lead Green Associate exam to help design more sustainable buildings. Hailing from the beautiful Pocono Mountains, she has always been around nature. One of the earliest forms of climate changes she experiences was the lack of snow at the mountains.

The diva joined Miss Earth in lieu of this very reason. She shared, “Climate change is happening very quickly in front of our eyes. From lack of snow that is leading us to enjoy our favourite winter activities to air pollution that is causing preventable health issues in our community and so much more and it needs to stop and our earth needs help, which is why I became a certified climate reality leader.”


Savannah Bethea Miss South Carolina Earth USA 2022

Savannah was born and raised in South Carolina and was a two-time junior Taekwondo state sparring champion before discovering her aptitude for gymnastics. She majored in studio art at Converse College where she learned to weld and create sculptures made from repurposed materials. Savannah writes letters to her state senator, congressman, and US Senators to ask for legislative change that can positively affect the environment. She is a member of the Oceans Future Society and a Panda ambassador for the WWF. Locally she volunteers for Palmetto Pride, an affiliate of keep America beautiful.

The stunning beauty is also the founder of a textile waste reduction project ‘Jeans for Teens’. She started the project in high school with the original purpose of collecting quality, trendy and fashionable denim that teenagers could wear with pride after noticing that teenagers did not receive many donations. Savannah believes that helping people and helping our planet work best a common goal. Savannah’s project Jeans for Teens also takes production waste into account by partnering with two denim companies, Billiam Jeans and Raleigh Denim Workshop who have donated all of their scraps left over from the production of their Blue Jeans. She is definitely an example for all the girls who wish to do something meaningful in their lives.

Meredith Delp Miss South Dakota Earth USA 2022

After being in a coma due to a severe accident and waking up to a paralyzed lower body, Meredith has come a long way clouded with perception of herself to becoming a different person and doing things that she never would have dreamed of like, rock climbing, cliff jumping, shark diving an studying abroad becoming fluent in multiple languages.

 The diva founded the organization ‘Live Boundless’, with the mission of delivering wheelchairs to medically underserved areas of the world. She wants to be the next Miss Earth USA to be a voice to educate the country of what true beauty is and how to build resilience through hard times and use those challenges as fuel to be a force of good especially taking care of the earth.


Meredith Delp Miss South Dakota Earth USA 2022