Chilekwa Çhariće Kaluñģà to represent Zambia at Miss Earth 2021

27 Sep 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Earth Zambia organization has officially elected Chilekwa Çharice Kaluñgà as Miss Earth Zambia 2021 who will now represent Zambia at Miss Earth 2021. Chilekwa succeeds Miss Earth Zambia 2020 Muka Hamoonga.

Chilekwa Charice Kalunga is 21 years of age and a model from Lusaka, Northern Zambia. She currently works at a The Ministry of Home Affairs in Lusaka, Zambia. The stunning beauty speaks Bambara and English language.

On her journey at Miss Earth Zambia 2021, Kalunga visited a local school along with the other delegates where they educated and sensitized students on the importance of planting trees. The delegates also talked about climate change and what causes it and global warming, ways of waste management and the importance of recycling.


Chilekwa Çharice Kaluñgà to represent Zambia at Miss Earth 2021


As a woman of the Earth, Kalunga believes in working hand to make a better tomorrow. Chilekwa Charice Kalunga, on being elected Miss Earth Zambia 2021, strives to work hand in hand with the community on educating and sensitizing on the importance of recycling and planting trees and various ways of preserving our environment.

Miss Earth Zambia 2020 Muka Hamoonga represented her country at the virtual edition of Miss Earth 2020 but remained unplaced. The country is yet to pioneer its win at Miss Earth.