Chloë Reweghs crowned Miss Eco Belgium 2022

23 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Miss Eco Belgium hosted the coronation of Miss Eco Belgium 2022 on 21st August 2021 in Oktoberhallen Wieze, where Chloë Reweghs was crowned as the new queen and earned her chance to represent Belgium at Miss Eco International 2022. Chloë succeeds Miss Eco Belgium 2021 Zehra Naldemir for the title who finished in Top 10 at Miss Eco International 2021.

Chloe is 22-years-old and stands at 178 cm tall. She works as a professional model and feels honored that she is going to represent Belgium at Miss Eco International 2022. After the crowning, she took to her social media to share, "So proud that I will represent Belgium at Miss Eco International in Egypt in 2022. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity. All my fans, my family, my friends... I can't thank you enough for believing in me. Also, a big thanks to my amazing agents, Mahouk Official and Judith Ligny, for believing in me. I will make you proud as your Miss and model. Big love to all of you, Chloë."



The diva describes herself as friendly, smiling, empathetic, persistent, and deliberate. She is looking forward to starting her preparations for Miss Eco International 2022 and performing her best to make Belgium proud and win the crown. Chloe uses her social media to share her experience in the field of fashion and modeling with the youth of her country. She mentioned, "I hope you stop believing that you don’t deserve more or you can’t have more. I hope you stop settling because, growing up, that’s what you were taught. You were taught that it’s better to settle than to dream and fail. I hope you find the courage to change the old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in your comfort zone or your distress. I hope you stop living a life that doesn’t fulfill you in every way because you’re afraid of change or failure. I hope you never let your fears stop you from trying for something you desire. "

Chloë is a strong, dedicated, and determined woman who performed exceptionally well at the competition and won her way to representing Belgium on an international stage. She believes in working hard and staying dedicated to her work until she has achieved her goals. She believes, "nature praises the elements of life that rely on your heart to change your senses for the beauty is in your surroundings." She believes that beauty competitions have always created some extraordinary opportunities for women across the world and helped them to find their voice and purpose.



The diva is extremely excited about starting her preparations for the competition and making Belgium proud. She has an attractive personality and a beautiful face, which can surely help her during the beauty pageant.