Abimbola Abayomi crowned Nigerian Queen 2021

23 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The organization of Nigerian Queen hosted the coronation ceremony for Nigerian Queen 2021 on 21st August 2021, at the Aztech Arcum event center in the garden city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, where Abimbola Abayomi was crowned as the new queen and will represent Nigeria at Miss Grand International 2021. Abimbola succeeds Miss Grand Nigeria 2020 Chikaodili Nna-Udosen for the title.

Abimbola is a model, presenter and writer, and a graduate of the University of Porthacourt, where she co-founded a spoken word group (Word Phantoms). After the crowning, she took to her social media to share the news, "It has been an experience I can’t wait to share with you all. For now, let me just say this, your dreams are VALID, your desires are VALID, you are VALID with hard work and dedication, and if you add GOD to the mix, nothing is impossible! "



Nigerian Queen 2021 Abimbola Abayomi’s court includes:

First runner-up: Joy Omanibe

Second runner-up: Patience Chenema Christopher

The diva is the creator of ‘Bluehearts by Messenger Network’, which is a platform based on the principles of humanity, committed to simplifying human rights and helping build a more conscious, active, patriotic, and committed citizen of her country.

The stunning beauty queen who gets to represent Nigeria at Miss Grand International 2021 volunteers her time and skills at different organizations that are focused on nation-building through youth empowerment. She wishes to someday be an ambassador for peace and follows the simple life principle, ‘Live and Let Live’. She loves to travel and visit new places with friends. She describes herself as spontaneous, considered, and always on her feet.



Abimbola considers herself a humanist and is also a firm believer in the existence of God. The beauty queen is a strong, confident, and determined woman who is excited about representing the country on an international platform. In one of her posts, she mentioned, "I am always after my dreams. I take different paths and make stops, but never a detour. There is so much we need to do as a people and as a unit to bring forth light into the world and keep at bay the things that wish to break us, and that can only happen if everyone, every single one of us, becomes willing to be a part of the process."

The diva also shared, "Sometimes you forget why you started on the path you are currently on and can’t remember the propelling factor from when you started. Sometimes you are lucky enough to be on a path filled with realities of your propelling factors that you do not need to remember because you walk a path that constantly gives you a reason to keep pushing. " She encourages the young people of the country to stay dedicated and focus on their dreams and is looking forward to start her preparations for the competition.