Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla crowned Miss Eco International 2018

28 Apr 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The fortnight-long event of Miss Eco International 2018 finally concluded on 27th April, 2018, Cairo, Egypt when Miss Eco International 2017 Amber Bernacchi crowned her successor, Miss Eco International 2018 Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla.

Cynthia became the first Asian woman to be crowned Miss Eco International. Also, the result wasn’t a shock, as Cynthia had shone bright and stood out throughout the competition, and we had previously predicted, that Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla might be the first Filipina to wear the Miss Eco International crown.


Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla crowned Miss Eco International 2018

Photo Credit: Miss Eco International Facebook

Cynthia placed in the finalists for all of the sub-events that took place before the finale of the pageant. She beat a total of 52 contestants from all over the world to win the crown. She is also the last international queen of the 2017 Miss World Philippines batch, and closing the year with a victory seems the perfect end.

She was born in Germany but has always been proud to say that she was raised in the Philippines. The Cebuana beauty has a face that has an eminent sophistication. Every photo of her tells of her romance with the camera.

The 1st runner-up at Miss Eco International 2018 was Indonesia’s Astira Vernadeina. Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Dung wasn’t far behind, and was named the 2nd runner-up. It seems to be the year of Asia at Miss Eco International, as the Top 3 ladies all represented Asian countries.


Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla crowned Miss Eco International 2018

Photo Credit: Miss Eco International Facebook

TOP 10 finalists for Miss Eco International 2018 were Philippines - Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla, Indonesia - Astira Vernadeina, Vietnam - Nguyen Thi Dung, Costa Rica - Glennys Medina Segura, Perú - Kelin Rivera Kroll, Brazil - Daiane Savi, Egipto - Hadeer Tariq, India - Naseema Arewale, Polonia - Karina Praise, and Portugal - Priscila Alvez.

Like every international pageant, Miss Eco International 2018 also crowned its continental winners.

Continental Queens

Miss Africa - Izelle Jansen van Vuuren

Miss Eco Europa - Lina Carter

Miss Eco Asia - Natasha Pedersen

Miss Eco America - Jessica Jewel VanGaalen

Miss Eco Latinoamerica - Daniela Daza

There was also a string of sub-events that took place in the days preceeding the grand coronation night. The contestants were put through various tests, and then subsidiary titles were given to the winners on the finale.

Subsidiary Titles

Miss Eco Resort Wear - Diana Palacios (Ecuador)

Miss Eco Dress - Nguyen Thi Dung (Vietnam)

Miss Eco Talent - Priscila Alves (Portugal)

Best National Costume - Meileen Ulloa (Panama)