Will Filipina Maureen Montagne take over Miss Eco International 2019 Suheyn Cipriani’s reign?

28 May 2020 | Angelique Reyes

According to the rumors that have been circling the pageantry that Miss Eco International 2019 Suheyn Cipriani of Peru was officially stripped of the crown for violating the terms as she got pregnant while fulfilling her reign. Although the organizers have not made any announcement yet, many media houses have posted this information at a dizzying speed because this is one of the rare cases at a beauty contest.

Miss World Philippines organization recently posted a statement on their social media account which stated that since there has been no official announcement from the Miss Eco International organization, they want everyone to stop believing the rumors and wait for the official statement. This comes after the rumors of Miss Eco International 2019 first runner-up Maureen Montagne taking over the crown duties of Miss Eco International 2019 Suheyn Cipriani. The organization also stated that they support the organization and the International Founder Dr. Amal Rezk for whatever decision he’d take.


Will Filipina Maureen Montagne take over Miss Eco International 2019 Suheyn Cipriani’s reign?


Now, the pageant fanatics have been arguing over the fact that should Maureen take over the crown or go ahead with her participation in Binibining Pilipinas 2020. Maureen's reign as Miss Eco Philippines 2019 is over and if she accepts the crown and take over then her reign would only last for 3 months as Miss Eco International 2020 is set to be hosted in September 2020. The diva who is practicing social distancing due to the pandemic posted on her social media that she is in talks with both the organization to reach a decision on something that neither she nor the organizations have made clear.

Everyone has been waiting for an official statement from the organization to make things a little better and decide on the fact that whether Maureen would take over the crown duties or continue her participation at Binibining Pilipinas 2020 as she is one of the front runners for the title. She is one of the fan favorites for the title and a lot of fans on social media have come out in support of the diva not taking over the crown duties and carry on with her Binbining Pilipinas 2020 participation as they believe that she has a better future at the competition. But, since the BPCI announced that the pageant has been postponed until the situation in the country minimizes, nothing can be said clearly as of now.



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If Maureen decides to take over Miss Eco International 2019 Suheyn Cipriani’s duties, it will be a back to back win for Philippines as title Miss Eco International 2018 was held by Cynthia Thomalla from Philippines.