Miss Eco International 2019 Top 15 Hot Picks by Angelopedia

20 Mar 2019 | Irina Silva

The fifth edition of Miss Eco International 2019 i.e. Miss Eco International 2019 is just around the corner as the finale of the pageant is going to take place on 29th March 2019 in Egypt, Cairo. At the coronation night, fifty-two candidates from over different nations across the globe are going to represent their respective countries and of fortunate diva out of them, will be handed over the crown by the outgoing Miss Eco International 2018 queen Cynthia Magpatoc Thomalla at the conclusion of the finale.

Whosoever luckily wins will not be just handed over the crown, but also the advocacies and responsibilities along with them, with the hopes of performing them with zest and sincerity. As the journey of the pageant has kick-started already, we present to you the Top 15 gleaming faces who we think should hit Angelopedia’s Top 15 Hot Picks list.

Carolyn Collinda Miss Eco Aruba 2019



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Carolyn Collinda is the official representative of Aruba in Miss Eco International 2019. She is 26-year-old and has graduated with a degree in Business Management Hogeschool Van, Amsterdam. This gorgeous beauty is blessed with accentuated cheekbones and a captivating face. Her eyes are mesmerizing and look incredibly charming in her photoshoot. The beauty queen has a kind and loyal personality. She carries immense love for nature and the environment in her heart and is dedicated to the cause of protecting the same.


Nimeyra Flores Hurtado Miss Eco Bolivia 2019



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Nimeyra Flores Hurtado is the official delegate of Bolivia in Miss Eco International 2019. The beauty queen stands tall at a height of 180 cm. She resides in Minsk, Belarus. She is not new to the pageant world as she already had the opportunity of representing Bolivia in various glorious pageants before. She represented Bolivia in Miss Pan-American International 2018 and Miss United Continents 2017. The beauty also participated in Miss Bolivia 2017 and has garnered plenty of experience over the last few years. With all her experience she can clearly make a mark in Miss Eco International 2019.


Tainá Laydner Fiore Miss Eco Brazil 2019



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Tainá Laydner Fiore Miss Eco Brazil 2019 is a tall, bright and beautiful Brazilian beauty. The beautiful diva resides in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and is a law student. It is not the first time that she will compete in a pageant as prior to this, she represented in Miss Brazil CNB 2018 and secured her position in Top 21 finalists and apart from this, she is also the titleholder of Miss Pintada Island CNB 2018. The beautiful blonde beauty has attractive eyes, chiselled face structure and a sculpted body. She has a confident aura and her positive energies are contagious.


Sasha Lombardi Miss Eco Canada 2019



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The beautiful Sasha is a stunning diva who stands at an impressive height of 173 cm. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and holds an Honour in Bachelor of Arts Degree specializing in Social Cultural Anthropology. She is currently pursuing Bachelors of Education Degree. Sasha is no stranger to pageantry as she was adjudged as the second runner up in Miss Universe Canada 2018. The beauty queen is driven with the passion to make this world a cleaner and greener place. Her beauty is truly enchanting and has a reflection of divinity on her face. She appears determined and full of zeal.


Jocelyn Mieles Zambrano Miss Eco Ecuador 2019



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The gorgeous beauty and official delegate of Ecuador Jocelyn Mieles Zambrano stand at an incredible height of 173 cm. The 24-year-old beauty has experience in pageantry as she won the coveted title of Miss Ecuador International 2017 and later, she represented the country in Miss International 2017. Her prior win and participation will push her to give her best in the pageant of Eco International 2019. She has a strong and bold look on her face carries swimsuit with great confidence and style.


Amy Nurtinie Miss Eco Malaysia 2019



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Amy Nurtinie is 23-years-old and is an entrepreneur as she is running her own Beauty Salon and Spa. Malaysian beauty has been an inspiration for many people. This Malaysian beauty is very charismatic and looks effortlessly beautiful in all of her photoshoots. She is an inspiration and an idol to many young girls as she is committed to the duties as the reigning Miss Eco Malaysia 2019. The gorgeous diva has hypnotic eyes, well-defined jawline and her hair is the crowning glory of her beauty.


Muna Gauchan Miss Eco Nepal 2019



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Muna Gauchan, the young Nepali beauty is the epitome of grace, youthful grace and enchanting beauty. She is a smart, hardworking and talented woman who possesses amazing runway skills. She lights up the stage by her swaying confident walk. She can rock a traditional attire as well as a western look with great ease. Being among the youngest contestants of Miss Eco International 2019, she has a lot to see and experience but will definitely clear all her obstacles with her passion and enthusiasm.


Irene Camacho Azcona Miss Eco Paraguay 2019



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Irene Camacho Azcona is a 23-year-old beauty who stands at a height of 172 cm. She is a model by profession which will contribute to her experience of walking on ramps and presenting herself gracefully in front of others. The beauty queen has dazzling eyes, pointed nose and V-shaped jawline. She can look both adorable and ferocious on a camera. She has a warm and affectionate personality. The gorgeous diva has a radiant complexion and an envious body.


Suheyn Cipriani Miss Eco Peru 2019



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Suheyn Cipriani is a young dazzling beauty, who with the grace of her talent became the official representative of Peru in Miss Eco International 2019. Suheyn hails from Lima, Peru and currently resides there. She studied Psychology from UPC - Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and besides this, she has a good command over the Spanish language. She currently works as a model for Elite Model Look but before she started working with this agency, she worked with RD Fashion Productions School & Model Agency. The diva is pretty blessed with an abundance of beauty.


Maureen Montagne Miss Eco Philippines 2019



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Maureen Montagne is a French-Filipina 25-year-old glistening beauty, who is the official representative of Philippines in Miss Eco International 2019. she is a model and a host by profession and she also work with a modelling agency named The Agency Arizona. The beautiful diva carries a handful experience which can take her to the rightful place in pageantry and this makes her a sturdy delegate in the pageant.


Agata Chrosniak Miss Eco Poland 2019



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Agata Chrosniak is one of the fortunate gorgeous divas who found this wide opportunity of representing the entire nation in an international pageant. This Polish beauty hails from Biale Blota, Bydgoszcz, Poland and currently puts up in Szubin. She has pursued a degree in Biotechnology from Medical College of Ludwik Rydygiera. In addition to this, she has also studied Physiotherapy from Bydgoska College. Her academics can simply reflect her intelligence and due to this, she demonstrates the term ‘beauty with brains’ with grace.


Ciara Rosendo Miss Eco Puerto Rico 2019



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Ciara Rosendo is a gleaming young 20-year-old diva, who stands 175 cm tall will now gain a bunch of fame with her participation in Miss Eco International 2019. The beauty wrapped-up her schooling from Our Lady of the Rosary School, Ciales and obtained her higher education from the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo. The diva is no stranger to pageantry as she carries a colossal amount of experience in past and it is her experience which makes her a potential delegate with grit.


Andrijana Savic Miss Eco Serbia 2019



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Andrijana Savic is an adorable beauty who is the official representative of Serbia in Miss eco International 2019. The beauty is bestowed with amazing runway skills and a beautiful face with endearing features that can win many hearts. Her black hair suits her face and her smile is quite radiant. She has a social and friendly personality and seems genial.


Keilla Cesaria Miss Eco Mozambique 2019



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Keilla Cesaria is another charming diva, who is the official representative of Mozambique in Miss Eco International 2019. The gleaming beauty sets a huge example of versatility as besides being a beauty queen, she is an entrepreneur too, as she established her own make-up studio named Make-Up by KC. Moreover, she is the co-founder of the fashion school named Beelike Models. Her multifaceted personality makes her a sturdy contestant who can be influential enough in pageantry.


Yara D' León Miss Eco Venezuela 2019



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This scintillating beauty is the official representative of her nation Venezuela in Miss Eco International 2019. The beauty is blessed with an incredible height of 176 cm and has obtained a degree of Industrial Maintenance Engineering from a reputed college. Yara works as a model for Imagine Models Agency. The beauty is no stranger to beauty pageant world as earlier she competed in Miss Teen Beauty Anzoátegui pageant. She seems to have a charming personality with versatility all around and this could be one of the reasons that she will catch any eyeballs in the pageant.