Philippines’ Kelley Day’s impressive journey at Miss Eco International 2021

05 Apr 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The eighth edition of Miss Eco International i.e. Miss Eco International 2021, was hosted on 4th April 2021 at Baron Resort, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The competition saw 40 delegates from all over the world competing for the international title. At the end of the night Miss Eco International 2019, Amy Tinie crowned South Africa’s Gizzelle Uys as her successor, Miss Eco International 2021. Joining Gizzelle were four other beauties who were crowned as the runner-ups in her court.

Kelley Day, one of the most prominent contestants from the beginning of the competition, was crowned as the first runner-up Miss Eco International 2021 at the coronation night. While this year’s batch boasted of strong and stunning delegates, Kelley stood out amongst the crowd and showed great potential to be at the top since the competition commenced.



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Kelley is a Filipino-British beauty who stands 170 cm tall and gave an incredible performance at the competition. She was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Besides being a model and an actress, she is a host and dancer. Earlier this year, Kelley said she had to do refresher training for the Miss Eco International pageant.

Kelley’s performance throughout the competition has been some of the top favourites. Her performances for the preliminary competitions were really appreciated. Kelley’s resort wear performance was a charmer. She looked stunning and confident all through the pageant. Kelley’s strong and confident personality and her sweet warm smile reserved her position in the Top-5.

The 24-year-old Filipino actress and performer on variety show "It's Showtime" previously bagged the Best National Costume of the competition. Day wore a ‘Modern Filipina’ costume with the country’s rich culture and history, the iconic attire of Philippines’ mestizo heroine named Maria Clara meets modern age. The traditional attire of style and fashion is the evidence of religiosity and spirituality of Filipinos passed into a Filipiana Costume. Defining a Modern Filipina, summing up the fear of being outdated, the touch of modernity on this Maria Clara national attire still implies purity, innocence and devout.



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During the question-and-answer portion for the Top 5 finalists, Day was asked how she will promote safety amid rising violence in schools. In her impassioned answer, she made an appeal.

"Unfortunately, as the world is going through a lot of changes right now, there is violence. The best thing we can do right now is to improve the security in schools. There has to be things like security checks and metal detectors," she said. "That's really all we can do right now and just share the word. As I am standing here on this stage, I have the opportunity to tell anyone who is planning to do something to children, to stop. Look after our generation, please."

Her remarkable and precise answer during the final question round resulted in being crowned as the first runner-up of Miss Eco International. Day now joins the likes of Maureen Montagne, who also finished first runner-up in Miss Eco International 2019.