South Africa’s Gizzelle Mandy Uys crowned Miss Eco International 2020/2021

05 Apr 2021 | Ana Walia

The finale of Miss Eco International 2021/2021 was held a few hours ago at Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt where stunning beauties from all over the world competed for the international crown and Gizzelle Mandy Uys from South Africa was crowned as the winner at the end of the event finale. Gizzelle succeeded Miss Eco International 2019 Amy Nurtinie for the title.

Hailing from Pretoria, Gizzelle Mandy Uys is 24-years-old and is an actress, model and a dancer who is excited to take over the duties as Miss Eco International 2020/2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in heritage and cultural tourism. She started her career as a model at the age of 5 when her mother introduced her to it and competed for two years before taking a long break and in 2018 decided to come back.



Miss Eco International 2020/2021 Gizzelle Mandy Uys’ court includes:

First runner-up: Kelley Day from the Philippines

Second runner-up: Alexandria Kelly from the United States

Third runner-up: Steffanía Alejandra Rodríguez Vivas from Venezuela

Fourth runner-up: Kristel Ruiz Freeman from Costa Rica



Gizzelle believes in empowering women as she describes the feeling as igniting a fire that can never be extinguished. “Building a woman from the core up so that there is no room left for things such as doubt”, stated the beauty queen. The diva has created her own charity that handles many causes, from collecting clothes and food for the less fortunate, doing workshops to educate & teach young people to recycle and re-use products through crafts, volunteer work for animal shelters/ conservation programs or just spreading some encouragement on social media. She has worked in several commercials, short films and music videos as well as with many local and international designers and photographers.

The beauty queen performed exceptionally well at the competition and managed to impress everyone at the competition. She is extremely thankful to everyone who supported her and motivated her throughout the competition. She is positive, hopeful, and assured that she will perform her duties with her best interest and utmost sincerity.