Tatiana Guillén Jaramillo for Miss International Ecuador 2020 crown?

04 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Ecuador 2020, the 70th edition of the national pageant, began on 17th February 2020 in Portoviejo, Manabi as the official bands were given to the twenty-two delegates who will vie for the chance to represent Ecuador in Miss Universe 2020. The pageant will also a representative to Miss International (usually the first runner-up).

While the pageant is on hold due to the spread of the pandemic, there are still a few contestants who have stolen the spotlight with their stunning beauty and confidence. Tatiana Guillén Jaramillo, in our opinion, is an ideal contestant for Miss International Ecuador 2020 crown. Tatiana is representing Cuenca at the national contest.



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The 23-year-old Tatiana is attending her seventh semester of Textile and Clothing Design. She does social work at the Reinas de Cuenca Foundation and works as a volunteer in Solca and with the world without barriers foundation. Tatiana also practices boxing in her spare time which has definitely made her stronger physically.

Tatiana is also an outdoorsy person and loves to keep fit. She loves to go to the gym and being around her friends. The Ecuador beauty also wishes to help everyone with her title and not focus on just one group. She also believes that having a crown does not make her any more or less than anyone. She says nothing is more beautiful than keeping a person’s essence and what they are.



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Tatiana also likes architecture as she loves interior designing and would like to specialise in the same. Her mother is her role model who is a fighter and perseverance. She also has her own ideas to combat violence against women as she believes, “I think that women are characterized by being fighters, that we get what we want. I think we have to demonstrate what we are and are worth and not let anyone do us any more or less than anyone because I believe that women are the fundamental axis of the home, the complement and that is what must be rescued, which is the fundamental thing of the society.”