Why Celine Bolaños should win Miss Gibraltar 2019 crown

01 Jun 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Gibraltar 2019 will host its grand coronation night on 1st June 2019 at the Special Olympics Sports Hall St Christopher’s Alley where eight contestants will be competing for Miss Gibraltar 2019 and the privilege to represent Gibraltar in Miss World 2019. Miss World Gibraltar 2018 Star Isabel Farrugia will crown her successor at the conclusion of the finale.

While all the contestants are preparing their best for their stint at the finale, there is one contestant who has outshone in our view and deserves to represent her country in Miss World 2019. The 22-year-old Celine Bolaños is for sure the strongest delegate at the competition in our opinion.


Why Celine Bolaños should win Miss Gibraltar 2019 crown


The gorgeous diva is currently working as a Corporate Service Administrator and is a fluent speaker of English and Spanish. Being a participant this year, she thinks it is good opportunity to step out of her comfort zone, improve her self-confidence and public speaking as well as leadership and communication skills.

If she wins the crown, Celine wishes to represent the Beauty and Culture of Gibraltar at the international platform. With her gorgeous beauty and the will to represent her country with sincerity and dedication at the international platform, if given a chance, makes her the most worthy delegate for the crown.


Why Celine Bolaños should win Miss Gibraltar 2019 crown


Celine is all set to rock the finale stage tonight and if she continues to prepare and work hard like she has done until now, she will definitely win the crown. Her positive attitude and mesmerising smile has already won her a lot of appreciation till now in the pageant. We wish all the best for the coronation night.