Beauty Talks with Miss Global Vietnam 2018 Kiko Chan

15 Feb 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Beauty Talks with Miss Global Vietnam 2018 Kiko Chan


Miss Global Vietnam 2018 Kiko Chan recently participated in Miss Global 2018 where she garnered a lot of attention and praise for her incredible performance. The gorgeous 28-year-old Vietnamese beauty is not just an experienced beauty queen but also an incredible entrepreneur as well. She owns a brand named ‘Kiko Chan Beauty’ and works quite hard for all her accomplishments.

At Miss Global 2018, Kiko Chan performed with excellence and made her country proud. With another feat being achieved and all the speculation regarding the wild card votes, here’s the beauty queen, unplugged, talking about all this and more in an exclusive interview with Angelopedia.


Q. How does it feel to be Miss Global Vietnam 2018 and represent Vietnam in Miss Global 2018?

I am very proud to be chosen to become Miss Global Vietnam 2018/2019, I and my team in Vietnam tried our best for my performance and hopefully get the best rank title as I can.


Beauty Talks with Miss Global Vietnam 2018 Kiko Chan


Q. What inspired you to the world of pageantry?

Lots of things inspired me actually but the strongest one is “make the best lifetime when u was wrong” in personal, in general, I am a celebrity with millions of followers and they wish me to bring back highest award for Vietnam!


Q. After the recent conflict regarding the votes at the finale, how have you picked yourself up and decided to move on with a happy heart?

After the recently conflicted regarding the vote at the final, I actually was very sad because I upset millions of people in my country who voted for me. That has made me more stressful than for myself, to be honest. I took a few days to re-think about that and I realized the success of any artists, anywhere is support from fans! Not about titles and awards. I feel happy again when I share this and my fans all agree about it including Hollywood film director, diplomat business partners.


Beauty Talks with Miss Global Vietnam 2018 Kiko Chan


Q. Who is your role model, if any and what values of his or her do you wish you could inculcate in your own life, and teach the next generation?

I do not have any role of model, to be honest! My idol is Angelina Jolie, she has inspired me because she worked so hard to become so popular, used her voice to work, to help the community and help people in poor countries. She adopted many kids to bring them new life. I wish I can become like her. She is an amazing person.


Q. What is the one thing that keeps you going and inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

One thing that keeps me going and inspires me to be the best version is “Being a useful woman in life, is not all about beauty as a beauty queen. Beauty can go when I become older, but smartness and kindness will still be there and help others.”


Q. Would you like to share your most special childhood memory with us?

The most special childhood memory is ‘ugliest girl in school’. You know that’s the reason I did 9 times plastic surgery and started to join TV shows, model industry and also pageantry.


Q. If you could be invisible for a day, how would you like to spend it?

If I could be invisible for a day, I will spend that day to travel to the White House. I adore them how they can make life better day by day.


Beauty Talks with Miss Global Vietnam 2018 Kiko Chan


Q. What or who empowers you to be yourself and work hard every day?

I work hard and be myself every day because I want people to see me as a smart woman, not only beauty doll.


Q. What is the one thing you can label as your guilty pleasure?

One thing makes me feel guilty is sometimes I just act ‘too straight’ to the right regulations and forget the “soft skill “. I feel in some situations that is too much.


Q. We’re sure that this competition is another milestone in your life. What is that one thing that you ultimately want to achieve?

Well for some other lady this competition is a milestone of life but for me, it is just making a great life time when I am still young and single. Of course, everyone participates and wish for the crown. Yes, I do wish to get the crown, but if not ... at least being clear for my result that top 10 as my score are like that.


Beauty Talks with Miss Global Vietnam 2018 Kiko Chan


Q. If you are granted three wishes right now, what would you ask for?

If I was granted 3 wishes right now, I would ask for a) all the wish of peoples came truth (accepting wish for war), b) wish there are no diseases in this life and c) no war between countries.


Q. Lastly, is there any message that you would like to give to your fans of Angelopedia?

I would like to send all fans in Angelopedia - the fan of a beauty queen: Thank you so much to support us!!!! Remember pageants purpose is not a beauty competition, it’s also using voice to help the community too. Let’s together make life better.