María José Sazo crowned Miss Grand Guatemala 2021

21 Jun 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Grand Guatemala crowned María José Sazo Meléndez as the official Miss Grand Guatemala 2021 on 20th June 2021 in a private ceremony. She will now represent Guatemala at Miss Grand International 2021 and has succeeded Miss Grand Guatemala 2020 and Miss Grand International 2020 second runner-up Ivana Batchelor for the title.

Maria is 21-years-old and stands 179 cm tall. She is a journalist and a communication science student along with being a professional graphic designer and a bilingual Interpreter ENG/SPA. She is excited about taking over the crown duties as Miss Grand Guatemala 2021 and preparing herself for the competition.



After she was crowned Miss Grand Guatemala 2021, Maria took to her social media account to share her happiness with her fans and followers. She writes, "There are dreams that remain in our consciousness for a long time and grow as we prepare to fight for them. For as long as I can remember, I have felt that there is an invisible thread that directs and guides me to achieve everything I set out to do. The objective that motivates me now is very clear, and it is to take the name of GUATEMALA in style, to be remembered, and that we leave our characteristic mark in the history of the world. The colours of our flag surround me and give me the strength to fight for what we have longed for so long. I already have their support, and I assure you that we will reach the top together. My name now is Guatemala. "

Maria is not new to the world of beauty pageant as she was crowned National Queen of Independence 2018 where she performed exceptionally well and impressed the audience and the judges. She is beautiful, confident, intelligent, and has worked with famous designers and photographers who have helped her to gain experience and confidence in terms of beauty pageants. Many people have stated that Maria has a Latin style that is popular in beauty pageants and thus, she can be a strong contender for Miss Grand International 2021, if she prepares herself well.



The beauty queen believes in working hard and staying dedicated to her goals in life to achieve them and enjoy them. She encourages her fans and followers to be productive and stay determined about what they want in life because she understands that nothing comes easy for anyone. Maria was also a favourite for the title, and when she is crowned, the pageant community will be excited to see how she prepares for the competition, as she will be filling big shoes for Ivana. She is extremely thankful for all the opportunities that came along her way that helped her to work on herself and grow as a model and a human being.