Miss Universe calling for Jazmine Rowe?

21 Jul 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Jazmine Rowe who recently competed Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 seems like a potential candidate for Puteri Indonesia in future as she has the potential to represent Indonesia at international stages. The beauty hails from Jakarta, Indonesia but is currently living in Bali, Indonesia. Jazmine is 18-years-old and stands 182 cm tall and has completed her studies in Sydney, Australia. She was born to an Australian father and Javanese mother and has been raised as an Indonesian citizen. She is very proud of her culture, tradition, and values which she showcases very proudly on her social media.

Jazmine is not new to the pageantry world as she recently participated in Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 where was highly appreciated for her performance at Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 but unfortunately wasn’t placed. She has also worked with some of the brands and designers in Indonesia which has helped her to gain experience and knowledge about beauty pageants and modeling. She shows immense amount of potential to represent Indonesia at international stage as she is focused, confident, and determined with her goals on mind. She mentioned that during the process of growth and development as an independent person, she has always tried to learn correct deficiencies, increase her potential, broaden her horizons, improve her skills, and still maintain her behavior. She has been disciplined and focused all her life so that she can have the competence to be able to achieve high achievements and inspire young Indonesians.



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During her stint at Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, Jazmine stated, “My participation in the Miss Grand Indonesia event is a form of my awareness and concern for Indonesian women, especially women who have mixed blood from parents. Because beauty is not limited to physical beauty, but to the beauty of the heart and mind. With physical beauty, we can help everyone to consciously maintain fitness and health through exercise and eating patterns that are regular and in accordance with portions.”

The diva believes that she could use the platform given to her by expressing her voice and opinion for raising awareness and concerns about the sustainability of the earth, through environmental awareness campaigns in various aspects of life. She is a black belt holder in Taekwondo, and really like singing, rock climbing and water sports, especially those related to the sea. She wants to use the platform or her voice to do something good for the people of Indonesia or world in general.



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Jazmine likes to be involved in social activities to supply and distribute clean water to people in remote areas. These social activities have made the diva aware of the importance of maintaining and conserving water sources, making efficient and wise movements in water consumption, because there is still a section of population who find it difficult to meet the needs of clean water for daily consumption. Jazmine mentioned, “My achievement in early 2020 was to get the opportunity and trust to participate in the exclusive "Dior" performance in Sydney, Australia by bringing the collection of Cruise 2020.”

The beauty has her own YouTube channel, where she showcases her amazing talent. Jazmine says that singing has a huge part in her life as it relieves her stress and she thinks that it can be a medicine for a lot of people. The diva has always been a patient person, who is calm and peaceful. It is only because of her characteristics and attributes which brought her here. The diva not only worked with country brands but also internationally like Dior, Calvin Klein, Adidas, etc. She is beautiful, strong, confident, and very dedicated towards her work and that shows which is why she was one of the finalists at Miss Grand Indonesia 2020.

Jazmine’s successful stint at Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 makes her one of the favorites for the title of Puteri Indonesia in future. If she decides to participate in the beauty pageant in coming years, she can surely represent Indonesia at Miss Universe stage.