Sophia Rogan crowned Miss Grand Indonesia 2021

21 May 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Grand Indonesia organization hosted a very intimate ceremony for coronation of Miss Grand Indonesia 2021 on 20th May 2021 where Sophia Rogan was crowned as Miss Grand Indonesia 2021 at the end of the event. The national director of Miss Grand Indonesia, Ivan Gunawan handpicked the diva who will represent Indonesia at Miss Grand International 2021 and succeeds Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 Aurra Kharishma for the title who was recently adjudged as the third runner-up at Miss Grand International 2020.

Soon after the coronation, she took to her social media to break the news as she wrote, “It has been so tough to keep this quiet, but the time has come and the secret is out! I cannot wait to begin my journey as Miss Grand Indonesia 2021.” She added, “I am Sophia Rogan, Miss Grand Indonesia 2021, and I am ready!”



Sophia has worked hard and dedicated herself to making a strong name for herself in the pageant and modeling world and feels proud and grateful for all the opportunities she has received that have only helped her to grow more. She is young and is constantly working to make a name for herself. She also went on to urge the world of pageantry to accept and support her, she said, “Now, all I can hope is that you will provide me with your support as I prepare myself to compete internationally at the end of the year. Indonesia, this is for you!”

Sophia Rogan was one of the first few divas whose name circulated she caught the attention of pageant fanatics for the title of Miss Grand Indonesia 2021. She is 19-years-old and stands 182 cm tall. Sophia is an English-Indonesia fashion model who is based in Bali currently and is emerging as one of the strongest contenders for the national crown.

With this platform, her goal is to embody an authentic and genuine spirit, and use her voice to stand up for what she believes in, “because at the end of the day making a positive impact in the world is what really matters.” Sophia is ready to embrace her next journey and the future ahead of her.



Even though she does not have any prior experience in pageantry, the diva has walked on-stage and worked with famous designers and brands in Indonesia which has helped her to gain experience and confidence which will help her during the competition as she has already started to prepare for the international stage.

Sophia is a strong, dedicated, and focused woman who is selected as the next representative of Indonesia will do it great justice just like Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 Aurra Kharishma. She is a strong contender and could emerge as a front-runner at Miss Grand International 2021, all in all she will definitely make Indonesia proud at the Grand stage.