Miss Grand International 2015 Organisation Join Hands With Stop the War & Violence Campaign

21 May 2015 | Angelopedia

The grand slam pageant, Miss Grand International recently made an official announcement regarding joining hands with the Campaign 'Stop the War & Violence' and to put it into official action. Mr Nawat Itsaragrisil President of Miss Grand International together with Ms Daryanne Lees Miss Grand International 2014 & Dalia Hassan Miss Grand Kurdistan 2014 and the team is travelling to the Middle East area (nearby Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan) to extend official support to 'Stop the War & Violence' campaign.

Miss Grand International organisation is planning a 5-6 days tour from 21-26 May 2015. The tour to the Middle east will include visit to the refugee camps of Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan and the areas affected by wars and violence by the ISIS group. The official announcement made on the official Facebook page of Miss Grad International goes like “We take the mission with greatest honour and pride from Miss Grand International organisation to represent the good will from International pageant industry. We want to extend our gratitude to the high diplomat, field marshal in the area who see the important of the mission and grant us the permission & receiving Miss Grand International team as official visit.


Miss Grand International team travelling to Middle East


Daryanne Lees Miss Grand International 2014 posted on her Facebook page “I know there is a serious concern from my fans as today I am traveling to Kurdistan, close to the Middle East and Syria. As an American citizen I have been advised against my mission by many, and want to ensure everyone that I have faith that the MGI organization has educated themselves on the circumstances regarding ISIS and my risk of being in these near territories. With that said, my life I have dedicated to others and to my pageant career, and I have not worked so hard for the stop the war assignment to quit now. I thank you for your prayers and positive messages. In this life we must always fight for others instead of ourselves, and this is how you you make a change.