Yasmine Dakoumi from Tunisia crowned Miss Arab World 2015

21 May 2015 | Angelopedia

Amongst the hustle and bustle of varied beauty pageant news flooding in, latest we hear is Miss Arab World 2015 Salma Zakmout from Morocco gets dethroned as reported by the website Itfarrag.com. And Yasmine Dakoumi from Tunisia has been now crowned as the new Miss Arab World 2015. Yasmine was the first runner-up at the Miss Arab World 2015 pageant held on March 21’ 2015.

Miss Arab World organization holds the “no marriage rule for a year” for the winner. And going by the speculations, this was the reason Salma Zakmout from Morocco was dethroned and was replaced by the first runner-up Yasmine Dakoumi. The Miss Arab World organization held a new ceremony on May 17’ 2015 to crown Yasmine Dakoumi from Tunisia as the new Miss Arab World 2015. When asked to the newly crowned lady about her feelings, Yasmine smiled and said "I consider this a promotion".

Let’s take a glimpse at the pictures of the newly crowned Miss Arab World Yasmine Dakoumi …


Miss ARab World 2015 Yasmine Dakoumi

Miss Arab World 2015 Yasmine Dakoumi