Nicole Cordoves thanks her fans for the welcome party

23 Nov 2016 | Angelopedia

Nicole Cordoves, the recently crowned First Runner-up at the Miss Grand International 2016 beuaty pageant was welcomed in a very warm and affectionate way by her pageant fans. The beauty seemed surprised and grateful to have received such a treatment and thanked them on social media.


Nicole Cordoves thanks her fans for the welcome party


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Here’s what she wrote on a social media page, “I literally pleaded with my mom not to give me a surprise party (she threw me one for Miss Chinatown but not for Binibini cause I really preferred home-cooked meals).

I guess I got my stubbornness from my mom cause she still threw me one, but I'm so glad she did because it reminded me that victory is best celebrated surrounded by the very people who have loved and supported you all the way. This is probably just a quarter of the people who have been there for me, and I really wished everyone could have been there.

I would like to thank my Aces & Queens family for molding me into the woman I am today and my group CORDOBESTIES for making sure that the event looks really grand.

When you crowned me and gave me the Grand Cordobestie title, you reminded me of my true intention upon forming our group: that is to simply become good friends. Because of this journey, our lives are now tied together, supporting each other.

I have no idea what I did to deserve this kind of love from everyone, but I won't even ask anymore because I'm just glad I have all of you and that is more than enough.

Thank you, everyone! Thank you Louwee Ranay for my sash, party decorations, and hosting the program! Thank you Ken Amoyo for my banner design and all the PR materials you make for Cordobesties! Thank you Jamie Go Atelier for my dress. Thank you Uncle Sherwin Tan for the photos!”

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