Miss Grand International 2019 Valentina Figuera launches her own YouTube channel

14 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Valentina Figuera from Venezuela was crowned as the winner of the Miss Grand International 2019 at the coronation night held at Caracas, Venezuela on 25th October 2019.  The diva had a very busy schedule where she quickly had to leave Venezuela to start a media tour around the world, in addition to fulfilling their social work.

Since, the outbreak of Covid19 has put everything on hold, Valentina’s social work has also been halted for a while until the situation gets better. But even the pandemic couldn’t stop Valentina to carry out her social work as the Miss Grand International Venezuela announced that the diva has her own YouTube channel.



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Valentina decided on taking a step towards starting her own YouTube channel in order to how more closely what her life is like now that she is a beauty queen and all the work, she does together with the Miss Grand International Organization.

The diva used her social media account to announce her new venture with a delightful quote stating, "If I could change anything in the art world, it would be bringing the real thing to the stage.” The first video is live on her channel had has already reached up to 2000+ views. In the video, Valentia started by giving a glimpse into her life right now and started off with a small introduction and then letting everyone know 50 Things About Her.



Valentina shared a few details about her family, education and interests. She mentioned that she always wanted to be a professional gymnastic dancer but she didn’t purse that dream and decided to pursue her beauty pageant titleholder dream. She stated that in 2019, she got to live many experiences that she is not afraid of anything in life now. Contrary to what her position as Miss Grand International 2019 would obligate to do, Valentina is staying in kind of a person.

Miss Grand International 2019 Valentina Figuera has decided to make the social distancing productive for her and let her fans and followers across the globe get a chance to know her. She’d excited to start this new journey and honestly, we are too. It will be exciting to see what Valentina comes with up in her new video.



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Everything in the world has taken a step back and decided to halt their work and introspect towards what they have done to the mother earth. While the professionals and experts are busy figuring out the antidote of Covid19, the beauty queens are trying to make the best out of their time at home and encourage people to be more productive and stay healthy.