Best Orators at Miss Universe Malaysia 2020

13 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 will be the 58th edition of the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant. The grand finale will be held on July 2020 at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Miss Universe Malaysia 2019 Shweta Sekhon of Kuala Lumpur will crown her successor at end of the event finale. The winner will represent Malaysia at the Miss Universe 2020 at a yet-to-be revealed location. The winner will also receive a cash prize and sponsored prizes with a combined value of RM 180,000 and a full education scholarship from HELP University.

Miss Universe Malaysia Organization organized a question and answer round online where the finalists of the competition answered some of the questions that was asked by the some of the fans on their social media account. Three delegates out of eighteen stood out in answering the questions asked. They showed immense confidence, clear and precise opinions and right choice of the words.

Let’s look at the best orators of Miss Universe Malaysia 2020.

Pritha Manivannan (Pritha) of Kuala Lumpur

Pritha Manivannan is 26-years-old and stands 168cm tall. She hails from Kuala Lumpur and works as an Actress, News Anchor & Producer. The diva is very talented and with her talent, she will win many hearts. Also, she has a great media following which will give her an advantage of many votes. During the session, Pritha was asked, “Who according to her is a better teacher, failure or success?”.



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The diva very confidently answered that according to her it is the failure who is a better teacher because through failure, one can learn the hard ways to achieve success. She also mentioned that she feels that no one has every achieved success without failing in their lives. Failure teaches hard work, determination of how badly you want things in life. Pritha also spoke about her advocacy which is related to creating equal opportunities for women and girls especially in Malaysia. She wants to be the voice for the women who feel hard to speak up. The diva strongly believes that women are the strength of the nation.  She was also asked about how much her professional career has helped her and Pritha was very honest about the fact that working as a news anchor has helped her be confident and give herself a space to be able to speak in public.

Charissa Chong (Charissa) of Selangor

Charissa Chong is 25 Years of age and stands 172 cm tall. She hails from Selangor and is a Content Creator by profession. Apart from being a content writer, the diva loves to be a fitness motivational model who promotes people’s well-being by consulting them to work out and live a healthy lifestyle. She loves to travel. The diva has a great personality, she will make it to the Top. Charissa is fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. She is also an advocate of for women who are told continually that they are not enough. With her strong values and opinions, she speaks with her heart and tries to help women where ever she can and that’s something she is very proud of. She would like to use the platform of Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 to advocate for the rights of disabled people as well as women.



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During the question and answer round, Charissa was asked, “Is there anything she would like to change about her?”. The diva answered, “NO”. She explained that she feels perfect and comfortable in her body and would never change anything. She also mentioned that it is one of the reasons why she is so passionate about fitness as it not only helps in staying fit physically but also emotionally and mentally. She also shared that being Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 carries a huge responsibilities of role model, one that must carry resilience, handwork and determination to overcome all the obstacles on her way. She shared a sweet message that everyone should be grateful for everything they have and not give up in life.

Meme Yaw (Meme) from Sabah

Meme is 25-years-old and stands 169cm tall. She works as cabin crew member and is a decedent of Chinese- Indonesian parentage. Her job as a cabin crew has given Meme a wonderful opportunity to travel all over the world and learn about their cultures and traditions. She aspires to own a business one day in order to support her family and have the freedom to explore the world. She somewhere feels responsible because she is the eldest out of the five siblings and cannot afford to ignore that fact, she has some duties to fulfil. With Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 pageant, Meme wants to gain experience and a medium to work on herself and elevate Malaysia’s name as a powerhouse all over the world. Meme’s advocacy is about ‘fair education’; drawing experiences from her personal life, Meme wants to use the platform to advocate and raise awareness about the unfair education system in Malaysia. She wants to take up this issue into people’s mind so that no one forgets that every child no matter what background they are from, they shouldn't be discriminated when it comes to education. They too deserve the chance to make different in their life. She also spoke a little about the unfair citizenship issue in Malaysia.



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During the question and answer round, Meme was asked about “What defines a winner?”. She answered that according to her a winner is someone who will give her hundred percent in whatever she participates. Even if she wins, she will still follow her advocacy and dreams to fulfil it. She also shared that if she has one wish she can have, she’d like everyone to have passion for something they want. She was also asked about the ‘plastic surgery’ and she very gracefully answered that she is not against that and sees the procedure as one of the ways to enhance the beauty and is someone wants to have that, it’s their choice. But girls should be sure of why they are having the surgery.