Miss Grand International 2021 Top 5 Q/A round

04 Dec 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Grand International 2021 Top 5 Q/A round


Miss Grand International 2021, the 9th edition of the international pageant, will be held on 4th December 2021 in Phuket, Thailand where delegates from all over the world will compete for the international crown for three works. At the end of the event, Nguyen Thúc Thuy Tiên  of Vietnam was crowned as Miss Grand International 2021 as she succeeded Miss Grand International 2020 Abena Akuaba Appiah of USA.

Before the winner was announced, the top five finalists; Lorena Gonçalves Rodrigues Miss Grand Brazil 2021, Andrea Victoria Aguilera Miss Grand Ecuador 2021, Vivianie Diaz Arroyo Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2021, Jeanè Van Dam Miss Grand South Africa 2021 and Nguyen Thúc Thuy Tiên Miss Grand Vietnam 2021 were put through a grilling question and answer round which was their last chance to impress the judges and the audience with their intelligent and witty answers. Let’s look at the final question asked to the Top 5 finalists for the title of Miss Grand International 2020 and the exceptionally well-defined answers by them.

The divas were asked, “With the current world situation, there are many problems such as human rights, economy and viruses, if you can choose one person to discuss the problem in order to make the change, who will you choose and why?”

Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2021 Vivianie Diaz Arroyo was the first to answer the question and stated, “As someone who believes in the power of dialogue and human rights, I would meet up with the president of the United Nations, so he could reunite the leaders of our powerful countries, to talk about how we can help to promote inclusivity, diversity and change and only like that we can truly have peace”


Nguyen Thúc Thuy Tiên  of Vietnam was crowned as Miss Grand International 2021


Andrea Victoria Aguilera Miss Grand Ecuador 2021 was the second one to answer the question and she replied, “If I have to choose just one person, I will choose one person that I feel identify with her and this person is Malala Yousafzai, she knows we can achieve whatever we want just with a child and a book and pencil. I will tell her that she is not alone, we are together, together with this idea.”

Miss Grand Brazil 2021 Lorena Rodrigues was the third one to answer the question and she answered, “I would chose Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil and I would tell him we need support, healthcare, education and please take care of your country. Do your job.”

Miss Grand Vietnam 2021 Nguyen Thúc Thuy Tiên was the fourth one to answer the common asked question, and she said, “If I have a chance to choose the one I would speak to, I would like to thank the woman who invited Astrazeneca and she doesn’t need the money form the invention license and I will spread the thanks to her and to all the people to know that I feel so grateful because of her. Sometimes you need to do the good things but don’t need the credit for it.”

Miss Grand South Africa 2021 Jeanè Van Dam was the last one to answer the question and she said, “If I had the opportunity to talk to one person about this matter, I would talk to the president of my country, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa. I would tell him that he did an amazing job but one thing lacks. Our country needs to be reminded that they have the responsibility to vaccinate. They need to take other people’s lives in consideration. Vaccination should be compulsory in my country.”

All the divas sounded confident, were p[owerful and strong while answering the questions and managed to impress everyone with their impactful answers.