Miss Grand Japan 2017 finalists reveal their beauty secrets!

20 Feb 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Every girl or a boy for that matter needs some tips and tricks to a flawless beauty. What better than a beauty queen offering you some!

It’s exciting if your beauty ideal wants to tell you her hidden secrets behind looking gorgeous. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on such details, right?

The Grand Japan 2017 finalists have an abundance of ideas to share with you on how to keep you rejuvenated all day long and make you look uplifted always.

So, let’s see what these Asian beauties have to say –

Miss Grand Japan 2017 Erika Tsuji

Miss Grand Japan 2017 Tsuji Erika loves her me time and what better way than to enjoy a soothing bath in a bath tub. The best de-stressing activity of her day, Tsuji has a weakness for appeasing bath salts and massages. For her the beauty comes from the peace of mind and a good bath helps her achieve just that. Not just relax but she treats that time of day to wash away the negative thoughts and think about the good in her life.

This lovely lady has a fetish for heels and doesn’t believe in going the flat way. According to her, heels bring out a classy walk in a lady and that eventually helps to bring out the reflection of a confident woman in her.



Yui Morie

The ever-stylish Morie Yui also has plenty to share in terms of how to look forever beautiful. This nurse in the daytime and a beauty queen at night likes to sleep looking beautiful and radiant. This she achieves by taking a refreshing bath just before her sleep time. For her, this daily routine help her muscles to ease and therefore her body feel relaxed. For her, massage and stretching is the best way to pacify the overloaded mind of ours.

Morie is very particular about her daily work-out session and believes that a good exercise session can do wonders for person’s mind and body. Well, we agree to that!



Arisa Katsumoto

This tall lass is fond of sports, especially basketball, which she plays often to maintain her slender figure and shed some stress from her life. She suggests you pick up an outdoor game of your choice and do the same to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For her, a healthy diet is of utmost importance but of course, there can be a cheat day once a week. But what really keep her going is the anatomical studies that have allowed her to learn various homely exercises with which she crafts an environment to keep her body fit, even when she’s busy.



Miyu Takahashi

For Takahashi, having fun in life is most important. So, she tries to keep the enjoyment element alive by picking up simple activities like selfies and karaoke while doing her exercises. No wonder her Instagram is full of happy pictures. She advises that you should never forget to have a good time as that’s what keeps you inspired. Enjoying a relaxing bath time is another big one for this queen as well.

According to her some professional help from a good dermatologist doesn’t harm. She relies on her dermatologist to bring out the perfect texture to her skin and can suggest how to maintain the smoothness.